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  • #PRISOM Makes the 2014 WA Premier’s Book Awards Shortlist [#w00T] [#geekgirl]

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    On the good news front for today: the Shortlist of the Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards has just been announced. Check out the “Digital Narrative” category – excited to see ‪#‎PRISOM‬ listed as a Finalist alongside some fabulous Aussie works: “State Library of Western Australia CEO and State Librarian, Margaret Allen today announced the shortlist for the 2014 Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards.

    552 books were entered into the Awards over nine categories and it is the first year for the WA emerging writer’s category. The Awards had strong entries from WA publishing houses including Fremantle Press, Magabala Books and UWA Publishing and titles from notable authors Tim Winton and Shaun Tan.

    “From emerging writer Sally-Ann Jones’s book Stella’s Sea set at Cottesloe beach, David Whish-Wilson’s book Perth describing life by the Swan River and Sarah Drummond’s Salt Story about life as a fisherwoman in Western Australia, the Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards continue to attract the finest literary works created in Australia today,” Margaret Allen said.

    “The State Library of Western Australia is proud to provide a cultural environment that stimulates the human imagination. We are delighted to once again manage the prestigious Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards, which highlight the importance of literacy in Australia and showcase the abundance of talent in this country.”

    The shortlist includes Amanda Curtin’s Elemental, which delves into the complexity of you don’t know who you are until you know where you come from, and Tim Winton’s latest novel, Eyrie, asks how, in an impossibly compromised world, we can ever hope to do the right thing.

    Another contender is Kristina Olsson’s third title Boy, Lost: A family memoir which won the 2014 NSW Premier’s Literary Award and is shortlisted for the 2014 Kibble Literary Award. Three shortlisted titles Richard Flanagan’s The narrow road to the deep north, Tim Winton’s Eyrie and Evie Wyld’s All the birds, singing are also contenders for the 2014 Miles Franklin Award.”

  • “Girls on Film” [#geekgirl]

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    “The first ever Girls On Film Festival arrives in Melbourne this September 12 to 14!…

    Over three days we’ll be screening these ten amazing feminist films, with introductions and panel discussions and parties!


  • “Hockey tells Kiwis there is no economic crisis in Australia..” [#geekgirl]

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    [From SBS] “Joe Hockey has told New Zealand that there is no crisis in the Australian economy, nor is it in trouble.

    The treasurer also made no mention of the “budget emergency” he and his government referred to when justifying their unpopular budget to Australians.

    Instead, Mr Hockey reassured Kiwis that their second biggest trading partner is benefiting from 23 years of consecutive economic growth.

    “The Australian economy is not in trouble,” he told New Zealand political current affairs show The Nation on Saturday.

    Mr Hockey also denied drastic reforms to Australian healthcare, education and taxes were about ideological change.

    He said his government’s reforms were about continuing growth and stimulating other parts of the economy.

    “There’s no crisis at all in the Australian economy,” the treasurer said.

    “The fact is you need to move on the budget to fix it now, and you need to undertake structural reform to structure the economy in the years ahead.”

    Despite the changes, New Zealand has nothing to worry about in terms of its trading partnership with Australia, he said.”

  • The Toolbox Hairclip [#geekgirl]

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    [Image Via Gizmodo]

    [Image Via Gizmodo]

    [From this Gizmodo article] “This innocuous hair clip…manages to replicate the functionality of quite a few tools, but will all but disappear when used to keep your bangs at bay.It can serve as a flat-head screwdriver, even for fixing those tiny screws on your glasses. It’s got a 5/16 wrench for tackling the occasional bolt, and there’s a serrated edge for hacking through rope, but hopefully not hacking through your hair when worn. It could very well be the smallest multi-tool you can buy for just $10, trumped only by the Q-Tip when it comes to cost versus functionality.”

  • Preview of The Great Wolf Divide [#geekgirl]

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  • “Astro Boy and the God of Comics” [#geekgirl]

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    [From this article at The Artery] “Onoda Power’s play is about the magic of creation, says Young, and Tezuka’s message was one of peace, especially coming in the years after the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan.

    “You know he wanted to create something that children could love that also was a friendly reminder that violence doesn’t necessarily have to be the answer,” Young says.

    That’s one of the play’s many messages too, delivered by a bright-eyed little boy robot obsessed with saving the world.

    “Astro Boy and the God of Comics” runs through August 16 at the Boston Center for the Arts.”

  • “INSERT COIN Videogame Exhibition in Siracusa, IT” [#geekgirl]

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    Our project so far - We decided to bring to life one of the projects we’re working on during 10 years of research and archiving: a Museum of working computers, a place where people can, both physically and remotely via Internet, enjoy using historical computers, know their history, learn basics of electronic and computer science, and share a piece of our history. A place where to conserve, repair, preserve in digital format and share our heritage, made of hardware but also documentation, software, electrical schemes, books, manuals and media of various kinds.”

  • Computer Virus Catalogue [#geekgirl]

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    An Illustrated Guide To The Worst Viruses In Computer History.

  • “When Does A Woman Owe You Sex?” [#geekgirl]

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    [Image Credit: (by Raquel Reichard)

    [Image Credit: (by Raquel Reichard)

  • Call: Papers on TechnoShamanism [#geekgirl]

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    From July 1st till October 30th we are accepting materials for our forthcoming publication Technoshamanism. It will be a bilingual edition (in Portuguese and English) and is published as a collaboration between editors in Brazil and Denmark.
    We are inviting papers on the subjects of technoshamanism, animism, indigenous people’s culture and rights, shamanic practices, biodiversity, agroforestry, permaculture, retelling of shamanic experiences, hallucinogenic plants, indigenous struggle, DIY culture, science and technology, art and electronics, transhuman interfaces based on technological gadgets, and any other topic related to the broader concept of technoshamanism.
    The publication will discuss the issue of ancestral knowledge and new technologies and will pursue ecological alternatives as well as models and aesthetics to obtain new parameters for acting in the world in an era where not only the water supply, but also the very existence of forests and their peoples, of nature itself, are at risk.
    We are accepting articles as well as fiction or techno fiction, images, comics, photonovels and any other suitable means of expression, as long as they are no longer than ten pages for each person or group. The publishing, in print as well as online, will be taken care of by the technoshamanist network. We will accept submissions in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
    Please send your material to the following email address: [].”