05 PM | 23 May

Mat Collishaw’s Insane #3D printed #Zoetrope [#geekgirl]

UK artist Mat Collishaw teams with fellow Londoner Sebastian Burdon (who handled the 3D modeling and animation) to create a mesmerizing and impossibly detailed 3D-printed zoetrope composed of over 350 character figures plus props and environmental elements.

Based on Peter Paul Rubens’ early 17th century painting “Massacre of the innocent,” the project took six months to complete.

Source: STASH

05 PM | 23 May

#ACMI presents The Stardom and Celebrity of David Bowie #davidbowie [#geekgirl]

David Bowie

This symposium brings together a range of international and local scholars and performers with keynote speakers including Dr Will Brooker, Professor of Film and Cultural Studies at Kingston University; Robert Forster, the Australian singer-songwriter best known for his work as a co-founder and songwriter of The Go-Betweens; Angela Ndalianis, Head of Screen and Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne; Sean Redmond and Toija Cinque, Deakin University; and Dr Kathryn Johnson, assistant curator of David Bowie is and Director’s Researcher, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Sessions explore a range of topics from Bowie’s performative history in theatre, film and mime, to the poetic standards of his lyrics, cultural eras and influences, as well as his collaborations and covers, and the evolution of his public image. A series of talks examine Bowie’s ‘transgressions’ of sexuality, race and class, his iconic character creations, and the appropriation of science fiction and a heightened fascination with space. Dr Shaun Cole of the London College of Fashion examines the role of fashion as a powerful tool for Bowie in communicating his individuality, defiance, creativity and theatricality.

Workshops include a Brian Duffy-inspired photo shoot (examining the iconic Aladdin Sane ‘lightning bolt’ album cover) and a ‘cut up’ lyrics workshop inspired by Bowie’s adoption of William S. Burroughs’ technique.

The acclaimed exhibition David Bowie is, from London’s V&A, will be showing at ACMI as part of Melbourne Winter Masterpieces from 16 July to 1 November 2015. The symposiumThe Stardom and Celebrity of David Bowie will take place on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 July 2015, complementing a myriad of opening week activities.

Tickets: Full $150, Concession $120, Member $110 Symposium Dinner $50

Tickets for the two-day symposium include all sessions, lunch each day, and drinks on each evening at David Bowie Late Nights program. Tickets do not include entry to the exhibition.

Book at acmi.net.au/bowie or call 03 8663 2583.

04 PM | 23 May

Mad Max: Fury Road’s war drumming #Doof Wagon doesn’t represent doof [#geekgirl]

Mad Max Fury Road’s “Doof Wagon” has introduced the world to Australia’s slang term for techno music, but a man making a documentary on Australia’s doof culture says the fantasy vehicle misrepresents the word.

The film features the speaker-laden Doof Wagon carrying men beating war drums and a heavy metal guitarist suspended mid-air.

A new documentary claims the word “doof” was coined in 1993 when a woman complained about the noise of techno music coming from the house next door.

The politically motivated techno punk scene adopted the word, describing their illegal all-night parties as “doofs”.

Some in that scene also adopted a Mad Max-inspired aesthetic, though their vision of the future was less dystopian than that depicted in the films.

Helga said ‘what is this doof, doof, doof? This is not music’.

mad-max-fury-road Source: ABC