02 PM | 28 Jun

Mind-Reading #Computer Writes Words with #Brain Waves [#geekgirl]

photo credit: 3D illustration of cables connected to brain, mind control concept. vasabii/Shutterstock

Imagine a world in which authors can write books in days, not months, using only the power of their minds. This hands-free future could be around the corner: scientists have created software that hooks up to your brainwaves and transcribes whatever you’re thinking.

Brain-to-Text is the software behind this futuristic, sci-fi-style concept. It has the potential to transform the lives of those who have lost the ability to communicate effectively. Stephen Hawking, for example, often has to scroll through letters of the alphabet one at a time while typing out messages. As you can imagine, the process is slow and laborious. Software like Brain-to-Text could therefore be life-changing.

Source: IFL Science

01 PM | 23 Jun

Yogis of all shapes and sizes are sharing snaps of themselves #yogaforall #yougogurl [#geekgirl]

(Photo: MyNameIsJessamyn/Instagram)

One of the most prominent advocates of the movement to prove that the physical, mental, and spiritual discipline is for people of all shapes and sizes is Jessamyn Stanley, a Durham, North Carolina–based writer, body-positive advocate, and yoga teacher. Stanley, who began practicing yoga in 2011, has amassed more than 82,000 devoted Instagram followers.

Her fans are primarily women who eagerly click “like” on her photos, such as the one above where she demonstrates the challenging “Feathered Peacock Pose.” Stanley’s execution of the move demonstrates her strength and flexibility—which people may not anticipate because of her size.

(Photo: MyNameIsJessamyn/Instagram)

(Photo: MyNameIsJessamyn/Instagram)

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