08 PM | 22 Mar

Call out for Critical Animals submissions #art #festival [#geekgirl]

Critical Animals poster

Proposals due in on 30th March 2015

We’re excited. We are now calling for Proposals for our festival in 2015. We even made a little video (which may go some way in explaining our header image here…)!

This year Critical Animals festival will be presented in Newcastle, NSW from 2nd-4th October 2015.

Critical Animals is about exploring curious and uncharted niches in contemporary art and critical thought – we are very open to various experimental and creative avenues. Unsure if your idea fits? Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Download the Call for Proposals info pack and start writing!

Submit proposals and ideas via our Proposal Form by 30th March, 2015.

Any questions should be emailed to to us at criticalanimals@gmail.com.


08 PM | 22 Mar

#Help stop the senseless killing of #Waterbirds & #Ducks #ALV [#geekgirl]

Support the end of Duck hunting.


The Victorian duck hunting season has begun. Animal Liberation Victoria rescue teams are on the wetlands, preparing to save as many waterbirds as they can when the dawn killings continue.

YOU can help us stop this slaughter! Be a voice for waterbirds by signing the petition to ban duck shooting: SHARE IF YOU CARE

Each year in Victoria (Australia) the tranquillity of our wetlands is destroyed by a State sanctioned massacre. Starting on Saturday the 21st of March 2015, gun shots will ring out at dawn and then every morning after that for the next three months. Our native water birds will be under attack from thousands of shooters, who are often inexperienced and reckless. Many birds will be shot but not killed outright and will be left to die slow torturous deaths or will drown, unable to swim or fly any further due to painful injuries.

Our native water birds have the right to live unharmed and in peace in their natural home. Please help to end this barbarism, tell our Premier the killing must end now!

07 PM | 22 Mar

#Psychophysics #Machines by Adam Donovan #robotics [#geekgirl]

Adam Donovan started as a sculptor and uses the principles of sculpture in his sound art work. But an interest in applying the techniques of sculpture to the field of sound led him to develop work in robotics. His installation Psychophysics Machines, presented  in November at the 20th International Symposium on Electronic Art in Dubai, featured five five robotic sound-generating sculptures. Inspired by the tautophone, a type of ‘audible ink test’, the work combines psychology and physics to challenge normal human audio perception.

Source: Artshub