01 PM | 10 Jul

“Artificial Intelligence – Das andere Ich / The Other I” – Ars Electronica Festival 2017 #AI [#geekgirl]


September 7-11, POSTCITY Linz

“Artificial Intelligence – Das andere Ich / The Other I” is the theme of the 2017 Ars Electronica Festival. AE will be focusing their attention beyond the technological and economic horizon to scrutinize cultural, psychological, philosophical and spiritual aspects. From the perspective of a festival dedicated to art, technology and society, Ars Electronica is interested above all in the visions, expectations and fears that they associate with the conception of a future, all-encompassing artificial intelligence.

Source: Ars Electronica

12 PM | 10 Jul

New #Alchemists #art and #science collide [#geekgirl]

Lu Yang

New Alchemists comprises a diverse suite of works by Australian and International artists exploring ideas of futuristic biologies and post-human engagements within the broad intersections of art and science.

Paralleling a view of the artist as contemporary alchemist, the selected works channel experiences beyond our accessible human and non-human worlds. Through play, ambiguity and provocation, the works engage in narratives that collapse our sense of familiarity and embodied otherness with the world around us.

Art Orienté Objet (France); Michaela Gleave (Australia); Ian Haig (Australia); Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr (Australia); Nadege Philippe-Janon (Australia); Thomas Thwaites (UK) and Lu Yang (China).

This image is taken from Lu Yang’s video in which she created a digital non-sexual human simulation in her own image. Lu Yang Delusional Mandala is all about neuroscience, a continuing area of interest for the artist. Yang makes use of the principle of the stereotactic system, deep brain stimulation and Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (RTMS) to the deep limbic system in order to extend delusions, substituting religious perspective and fugacious meditation on the material world to produce ‘objective’ delusions.

Runs til 3 September 2017

Source: UQ Arts

12 PM | 10 Jul

New Harvest 2017 #Cellular #agriculture #research [#geekgirl]



New Harvest 2017 is a conference dedicated to cellular agriculture–the creation of agricultural products like meat, milk, eggs, leather and silk in cell cultures instead of using whole plants or animals. The conference will host presentations about the latest developments in this field including “Cell Ag 101″ and debates about the future ramifications of this technology.

New Harvest is the non-profit research institute that is funding open science in cellular agriculture through the New Harvest Research Fellowship program at universities around the world.

OCTOBER 11 & 12, 2017 in New York

It is time to re-think the supply chain of animal products.

By applying advances in tissue engineering and synthetic biology to growing food, we can revolutionize the supply chain of animal products to continue to provide affordable and sustainable food to a growing population. We call this “cellular agriculture.”

Source: New Harvest 2017