12 PM | 09 Jun

The Rollergrooves

F O O T S C R A Y A U D I O – V I S U A L S O C I A L C L U B

^_^ eyes and ears together

INFO: —– FAVSC presents The Rollergrooves Tuesday 12 June 6-8pm Basement Theatre, Footscray Community Arts Centre 45 Moreland Street, Footscray, VIC FREE Bookings advised: please phone reception 03 9362 8888 or email reception@footscrayarts.com


The Rollergrooves AKA Tai Snaith and Narinda Reeders are a performance installation duo who have been working together for the past 5 years practicing the art of painful stillness amongst other things. Engaging light, video, photography, costume and the internet, the Rollergrooves re-visit the 19th century idea of Tableau Vivant (French for Living Picture) in a contemporary context. Appearing in rollerskates and their signature red and white costumes, The Rollergrooves create stylized frozen moments in time, little deaths, immortalized failures and make palpable the tension between sex and death.

The Rollergrooves often choose to be parasites of pre-organised social modes such as exhibitions, parties, political protests, air travel, shopping festivals, car club rallies and have created such works in Melbourne, Glasgow, Edinburgh, the Isle of Skye, Mexico and San Francisco.

http://www.emerged.net/newsletters/edinburgh/0305/ http://www.taisnaith.com

READ ME: ——– FAVSC is a regular meeting place for artists, noise makers, sound-designers, electronics boffins, installation artists, film freaks, VHS geeks, performers, programmers, DIYers, phonographers, photographers, holographers, circuit benders, laptop musicians, curators, producers and anyone with an interest in lo/hi-fi new/old-media art.

TRANSPORT: ———- Take Williamstown/Werribee/Sydenham train from city, alight at Footscray, turn away from the shopping centre on your right, go left over the rail bridge, down Bunbury street until you hit Moreland st, look for the white shipping container.

FAVSC is produced by Emile Zile and co-curated by Martyn Coutts, Artists-In-Residence at Footscray Arts. FAVSC is a media lab program designed to encourage and build relationships with established and emerging new media artists.

http://www.myspace.com/favsc http://www.footscrayarts.com

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