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Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen (Old People with Great Style) #fashion #oldisgold #geekgirl

Ari Seth Cohen, ‘Advanced Style’

Advanced Style

Advanced Style

“Old people don’t care what you think. This can be bad, when they get all pushy in line at the supermarket or yell at you for driving too fast. But it can also be great, when they school you or say whatever the hell they want with utter disregard for what points of view are currently in fashion. While us young’uns obsess about what’s in or out, Old People with Great Style are getting dressed to impress one person: themselves. Advanced Style is page after page featuring street photos of fashion individuals in their advancing years. These are the kind of women you would stalk if you saw them regularly around your neighborhood, or you’d be desperate to strike up a conversation if you saw them across the room at a work function”.

source: Melbourne 3000


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