10 AM | 14 Mar

The New #Pope vs The Demise of Google #Reader [#geekgirl]

Google Reader Death

Alas, Poor Google Reader, I Knew It Well…

If you’re a Tweetophile that’s been actively scanning the Twitterverse for all manner of topical [+ juicy] tidbits in the last half hour, you’ll have been bombarded by all things #Newpope and #savegooglereader.

That’s right: the decision to announce the latest Pope[-I’ve-Been-A-Bit-Less-than-Honorable-With-Argentinian-Lefty-Activists-]Francis has gone head-to-head with Google’s announcement about finally sticking the knife into Google Reader on July 1st 2013. If you’re current tweeting about anything else, don’t bother.

As for Google Reader alternatives, Lifehacker just published this handy list [but can anything really replace our beloved Reader?]. Hacker News also has a lively discussion regarding Reader replacement options here.

[Update: “Google Reader” is actually flux-trending above “Pope Francis”. Take that, Catholics.]

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