01 PM | 06 May

Need a Spare Human Organ? Print It! [#geekgirl]

Need a Spare Human Organ? Print It!

Need a Spare Human Organ? Print It!

Researchers at Melbourne’s St Vincent’s Hospital and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) are working on developing human organs by building body cells layer by layer using a 3D printer.

The team has used the 3D printer to make body cells, including muscle cells, nervous systems cells and cartilage. Professor Mark Cook, director of neurosciences at St Vincent’s Hospital, said 3D body part printing was like ‘bubble jet printers’.

“Instead of putting in ink for printing, you can put in these new materials which will grow tissues successfully,” he said.

ACES director Professor Gordon Wallace said he believed it would be possible to manufacture living tissues like human skin, cartilage, arteries and heart valves which could be used in transplants and other operations within five years. By 2025, scientists could fabricate complete functional organs, tailored for an individual patient.”


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