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LA2016: #Mechanical #Cognition, April 20:2016 #Melbourne [#geekgirl]


Liquid Architecture, Carlton Connect Initiative and Naturestrip present ‘Mechanical Cognition’, a program of performative talks and artistic explorations of mechanical sentience and human awareness by Benjamin Kolaitis, Antoinette J. Citizen and Nathan John Thompson.

Benjamin Kolaitis will present 2° Tight, a new work commissioned by Naturestrip and Liquid Architecture. 2° Tight poses the question, “Would our behaviour change if our immediate mortality was personally threatened by climate data and statistics”. In partial answer, Kolaitis has re-constructed a mechanical necktie – an industrial makeover for the workwear icon that is a symbol of business and politics – and incorporated a robotic function that tightens the necktie in accordance with collected data used to measure current states of global warming.

Antoinette J. Citizen presents, Method for Mapping, an electro-mechanical performative logging device that Citizen uses to speculate on the current contemporary desire for the datafication of self-knowledge. Citizen’s practice employs a range of materials and methods that seek to combine disparate technologies and performance strategies. Many of Citizen’s works incorporate emerging technology, computer programming, electronics, paper-based works, kinetic sculptures and installations.

Nathan John Thompson‘s work examines the role of humans in ‘nature’ by mapping sono-kinetic territories that act as filters for understanding inhabited space. In these ‘spaces’ Thompson experiments with new possibilities for man/machine interaction, mechanical sentience and the complexities produced from these relationships. At Mechanical Congition, Thompson presents Gen-Ottonix and Solar beams, a work that uses machines (self built, analogue, lifelike in their behaviour, using custom electronic neural-type networks, simple in design but when fed through multiple systems display behaviour that is remarkably organic) to explore questions of consciousness, mechanical sentience and object oriented ontology.

Wednesday April 20, 6.30 – 8.30 pm LAB-14, The Carlton Connect Initiative 700 Swanston Street, Carlton, Victoria, Australia 3053

Source>: Liquid Architecture


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