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Sounding the #Sea Symposium – HULL UK, June 15-16 – the #future of our #oceans [#geekgirl]


Join scientists, artists, poets and historians to celebrate our cultural, historical and scientific connection to the ocean in Sounding the Sea, a two-day symposium organised by Invisible Dust and Steven Bode, at Ferens Art Gallery and The University of Hull, 15th – 16th June.

Notable rpesenters will discuss a wide variety of topics such as: the critical importance and health of our oceans, climate change, catastrophes such as tsunamis and earthquakes, bioluminescence and deep sea marine life, Hull’s maritime history, marine plastics, rising sea levels and our myriad of cultural connections to the sea.Through a combination of thought provoking talks, participatory workshops, artist performances and film screenings will take you on a journey to explore our oceans. The symposium offers opportunities to delve into and discuss a wide variety of issues, many of which are of critical importance to the health of our oceans, and to all of our futures.

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Invisible Dust are organisers of the Symposium, their mission is to encourage awareness of, and meaningful responses to, climate change, air pollution and related health, technological and environmental issues. It achieves this by facilitating a dialogue between visual artists, creative technologists and leading world scientists. Invisible Dust strives, through its creation of high impact and unique arts programmes, alongside developments in new technology and scientific theories, to create an accessible, imaginative and approachable forum and stimulus.

Source: Invisible Dust


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