08 PM | 24 Sep

#Perfume New Single – If you wanna #electropop [#geekgirl]

Perfume (パフューム Pafyūmu) is a Japanese pop girl group from Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, consisting of Ayano Ōmoto (“Nocchi”), Yuka Kashino (“Kashiyuka”) and Ayaka Nishiwaki (“A~chan”).

The group was formed in early 2000 inside young talent academy Actors School Hiroshima, and debuted with their first Hiroshima-local single “Omajinai Perori” released on March 21, 2002. A year later they moved to Tokyo, started to work with Capsule’s producer Yasutaka Nakata and released their first nationwide indie single, “Sweet Donuts” on August 6, 2003.

Since then their success has continued to soar! They performed at SXSW 2015 with an amazing set, which was recorded as a livestream performance of “STORY (SXSW-MIX)”.

Japanese digital effects company Rhizomatiks was responsible for all the technical wizardry.  Daito Manabe of Rhizomatiks explains that motion capture and 3D tracking shots played a big part in bringing the gig to life. For the IRL performance, three semi-translucent screens were moved around onstage by Perfume, with projections mapped onto these in real time by motion capture technology.

For the live stream, footage was mixed from different cameras with 3D scanned models of the venue and singers. These models were prepared in advance, says Manabe, but the final result (the video) was created completely on the fly — no post production was used at all.

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