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Send Lawyers, Guns and Money[1]: Is Organised Crime (Yakuza) the Reason Japan Is the Safest Country in the World?

Speaker: Kent Anderson, Professor of Law and Japanese Studies, The University of Western Australia

Japan is the safest country in the world (when measured by violent crime rates) and has the greatest success with managing crime (when measured by rates of recidivism). How has it achieved this?

This discussion will rely on the four paradigms of Japanese law (ie, Culturalism, Structuralism, Managerialism, and Rationalism) to try to resolve the question, paying particular attention to the role of Japanese organised crime (yakuza) within the seeming enigma of Japanese criminal justice. I conclude with the normative questions of whether the negative associations of organised crimes can be justify by associated positives, and whether the #yakuza is a culturally unique structure that leaves no lessons for how other countries might seek to regulate organised crime and reproduce the safe society of Japan.

April 13\

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