02 PM | 14 Apr

The #Art of #Imperfection – Ars Electronica Festival 2018, @ArsElectronica #arselectronica [#geekgirl]


Mas Subramanian and his team actually wanted to test the magnetic and electric properties of manganese oxide, but instead stumbled upon a previously unknown pigment, YInMn Blue. And it’s precisely this shade of blue that adorns the posters announcing this year’s Ars Electronica #Festival and its “Error – The Art of Imperfection” theme. September 6-10, 2018, the focus will be on #mistakes, #fails, #blunders and deviations from the norm. Whether celebrated as a marvelous source of innovation or scorned as the cause of catastrophic accidents, error is the center of attention this year.

Source: AEC

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