09 AM | 17 Nov

ECHO- An #interactive #Installation by artist, Georgie Pinn. #ERROR – The Art of Imperfection [#geekgirl]

ERROR – The Art of Imperfection” opens on 17 November 2018 and can be experienced until 17 February 2019. (Linz/Berlin)

ERROR – The Art of Imperfection Every child learns in school to avoid mistakes. To err may be human, but that doesn’t make it desirable. On the contrary – we spend our whole lives trying to downplay, correct, mitigate or cover up our mistakes. A Sisyphean task, considering that ERROR is a constant presence in our lives. At the same time, it is the very mistakes and failures we fear that repeatedly give rise to celebrated innovations, fostering new things and the progress that goes along with them. “ERROR – The Art of Imperfection” takes an artistic approach to exploring what choices we have for taking action in this context or, to put it more precisely, what choices we must create.

Source: Ars Electronica

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