08 PM | 09 Aug

#ASCI #Biodiversity / #Extinction #Exhibition :: Call for Work :: #artsci [#geekgirl]


Apply by 23 August 2015

Science Inspires Art: Biodiversity/Extinction’ will be the 17th international juried art-sci exhibition organised by ASCI, and will be held in New York from 10 October 2015 – 28 February 2016. People are beginning to understand the importance of the conservation of Earth’s biodiversity for more than its innate beauty, capacity to inspire art and its ability to lift our spirits.

Scientists around the world recognise biodiversity as the key indicator of the health of our planet’s ecosystems. This exhibition aims to demonstrate the wide diversity of visual tropes that today’s artists are employing to reflect upon the crisis of biodiversity loss and species extinction, and is calling for images of original art executed in any media.


Source: ANAT

04 PM | 18 Jul

Stand up for Australian animals and activists against ‘ag-gag’ laws #NoAgGag [#geekgirl]


Australia info session:

Ag-gag laws are designed to deter activists and journalists from documenting the suffering of animals on factory farms. In June 2015, a Senate Committee recommended that WA Senator Chris Back’s Criminal Code Amendment (Animal Protection) Bill be passed with a minor change. If passed, it means that investigators of animal cruelty will be made criminals while the perpetrators of that cruelty will be protected. It will obscure consumers’ understanding of where their food comes from. Join us to learn more about ag-gag and oppose this backward Bill. A short Q&A session will follow the speeches. Saturday, August 8 at 11:00am – 12:30pm

Sydney Town Hall 483 George St, Sydney, Australia 2000 Guest speakers: 1. Emmanuel Giuffre, Voiceless Legal Counsel 2. Michael Walsh, member of Animal Justice Party 3. Dr Mehreen Faruqi, NSW Greens MP and Animal Welfare spokesperson

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In the meantime sign the petition to stop AgGag Laws in Australia.

If slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be a vegetarian.!!

02 PM | 05 Jul

Callout: Second International Congress on Animal Computer Interaction #ACI2015 [#geekgirl]


Important dates: Deadline submission of full papers and short papers: July 31, 2015 Notification: September 30, 2015 Conference date: November 16, 2015

While traditionally animal technology has been the concern of other disciplines, more recently the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) community has begun to take an interest in computer interactions involving animals,particularly in the context of human-animal interactions, concomitantly with a growing market of various types of digital technologies aimed at animals and humans. For example, the commercial relevance of the emerging area can be seen in the many technologies marketed to canine owners, which consist of devices for training animals, taking care of them, as well as surveillance of them.

An increasing body of work originating from within the HCI community is shaping an emerging discipline, which – by analogy with HCI – has been dubbed Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) and comprises: studying the interaction between animals, technology and humans in naturalistic settings; developing user-centered technology that supports animals and interspecies relationships; informing user-centered approaches to the design of technology intended for animals.

Source: ACI2015 website