06 PM | 22 Nov

Tasmanian Devils Need Angels #FightingExtinction #donate [#geekgirl]

Olive, Archer and Mack, three Tasmanian Devils bred at Healesville Sanctuary, have been sent on their way to the wilds of Tasmania. They will be released onto the remote Forestier Peninsula as part of the Peninsula Devil Conservation Project. This project aims to secure a healthy population on the Forestier and Tasman Peninsulas in south-east Tasmania where devils are protected from Devil Facial Tumour Disease.

This iconic Australian species is sadly on the brink of extinction as ‘Devil Facial Tumour Disease’, a horrific cancer, rapidly spreads through the Devil population.

Sightings of wild Devils have declined by over 80% since 1996, with the disease now found throughout 90% of Tasmania and it’s always fatal.

The threat to the Tassie Devil is now imminent, we only get one shot at saving this unique species. If the Devils are lost, they’ll be lost forever.

Donate to the Devil Appeal.