11 PM | 11 Sep

The Walking Dead: Our World – Augmented Reality (#AR) #Gaming #ARKit demo [#geekgirl]

If you’ve ever felt that there’s not enough zombie-killing action in your day-to-day life, Finnish developer Next Games has your back with The Walking Dead: Our World.

The game combines the zombie hordes of the wildly popular TV show with Pokémon Go style augmented reality gaming. Unlike Niantic’s faithful implementation of the monster-catching sim, which can see some users tramping kilometres to track down a single measly Pidgey, Our World promises that you’ll be able to “fight walkers on the streets, in the park, on your sofa, wherever and whenever you feel like it”, with weapons ranging from swords to fully-automatic firearms.

Source: wired

12 PM | 24 Apr

2059: FutureCoast [#geekgirl]

[FUTURECOAST: Image Via Fast Company]

[Image Via Fast Company]

[Via Fast Company] “FutureCoast, launched in early February with the help of a National Science Foundation climate education grant and Columbia University, has at least a hundred other messages like the Last Lobster. Some are funny: Like the one woman in the seaside town of Brighton who can’t get home because the tide’s gotten too high and needs to seek shelter in a “flotel” for the night. Others are devastating. In one message, a woman with a trembling voice asks her friend in government if he might be able to help her locate her partner, who’s gone missing after having gone to interview protesters at a “refugee rights” demonstration.

The emotional tenor and imagination of the messages range widely, but the futures aren’t actually that far off. In the FutureCoast world, voice messages are leaking into the present day from futures between 2020 and 2065. And some, like the disappearance of certain flora and fauna, mass political unrest, and water shortages, are incredibly realistic–just go and read the latest IPCC report.”

11 AM | 10 Mar

“Samsung ‘Galaxy Glass’ wants to turn your hands into an augmented reality keyboard” [#geekgirl]

[Image Credit: Pocket Lint]

[Image Credit: Pocket Lint]

[From a Pocket-Lint article] “Samsung appears to be working on an augmented reality keyboard that virtually projects letters on to a user’s fingers for typing. This not only reveals a new input method but also adds weight to the rumour Sammy is working on a set of “Galaxy Glass” smart glasses.

The augmented reality finger keyboard appeared in a patent filed by Samsung last August at the World Intellectual Property Organisation which has just been made public.”