03 PM | 15 Nov

Tarsh Bates uses #Candida to make #bioart #art #livingwallpaper [#geekgirl]

Ereignis, Gelassenheit und Lichtung: A love story installation 2015 from Tarsh Bates on Vimeo.

This digital time-lapse video of Candida albicans reproducing and changing shape, taken on a live imaging microscope, fills the room, contaminating the architectural space (and any bodies within it) with animate images of Candida albicans cells. The title of this work “Ereignis, Gelassenheit und Lichtung: A love story installation 2015″ combines terms used by the philosopher Martin Heidegger, whose work redefined understandings of “being-in-the-world.”

Tarsh’s project SURFACE DYNAMICS OF ADHESION has also been revived as part of the Pets Friends Forever exhibit at the Deutsche Hygiene-Museum in Dresden. <3 the concept of living wallpaper

02 PM | 15 Nov

64 Things to #Worry about, a direct line of #art to the #apocalypse. At Dublin Science Gallery [#geekgirl]


Exhibit as part of in Case of Emergency at the Dublin Science Gallery…

64 Things To Worry About is a living picture. A grid of diffused lights in a deep wooden frame, designed to be hung on a wall in place of a clock, providing a heat map of the state of the world.

Each light in the 8×8 grid represents a specific danger indicator, including radiation levels, seismic activity, global warming and the use of certain critical words on social media. If most of the lights are in the blue/green range, all is well. If they start shifting to the red end of the spectrum, or turning off, then it’s time to gather your loved ones and make your peace with the world.

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