04 PM | 16 Jul

#Virtual #Drag #VR by Alison Bennett & Megan Beckwith [#geekgirl]

The work we made by Alison Bennett and Megan Beckwith, titled ‘Virtual Drag’, is a virtual reality experience featuring encounters with 3D scans of drag queen and drag king performers made with photogrammetry. The virtual reality experience goes for about ten minutes and comprises of four scenes built around the personalities of six drag personas. The personas are: the magnificent Philmah Bocks, the divine Art Simone, the knee weakening Transylvanian Gypsy Kings, and Jackie Hammer, who is simply a bit of a hot mess really….

Virtual Drag is a passive VR experience where the viewer takes on the camera point of view and traverses four scenes where they encounter the drag personas. The work was designed for presentation in a gallery with a non-tech literate audience within the constraints of a limited timeframe and budget.

Source: Refractory

04 PM | 01 May

Tarsh Bates: #Queer human #microbiopolitics (#biology #sex #culture) [#geekgirl]

Candida albicans

Image attribute: Candida albicans scanning electron micrograph 2014 Tarsh Bates

What does it mean to be human when we recognise our bodies as multispecies ecologies?

My research explores the intimate and fraught contact zones of biology, aesthetics, culture and care between Homo sapiens and Candida albicans, the yeast commonly known as thrush. C. albicans is one of the hundreds of viral/bacterial/fungal/insect species dwelling in the complex ecology that is the human body. I consider the human body as a queer ecology, a complex and diverse entanglement of relationships between H. sapiensCandida albicans, other microbes, culture and technology.

Queer ecologies disrupt the mutually constitutive apparatuses of “nature” and “sexuality,” and reconfigure the entanglements of biology, sex, sexuality, intimacy, affiliation, geography, geology, ecology, culture and technology (Sandilands 2016). This figuration enables me to explore how CandidaHomo relationships are constituted and who gets to be at the table, when and where. The human body is a profligate beat of myriad more–than–human sexualities, where human cells and microbes, including C. albicans, replicate, procreate and propagate.

Source: The Seed Box via SymbioticA