01 PM | 23 Jun

Let the Donald Trump bashing begin – #Mexican artisan launches #piñata #donaldtrump [#geekgirl]

Donald Trump piñata

Artist Dalton Javier Avalos Ramirez created a piñata of Donald Trump for fellow Mexicans to take their frustrations out on.

Mr “Piñateria” Ramirez told The Independent that he created Mr Trump’s paper-mâché and cardboard look-a-like in one day and was inspired by his controversial presidential campaign announcement speech.

“They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime,” Mr Trump said in at Trump Tower in New York City. “They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they’re telling us what we’re getting.”

The craftsman, from Reynosa in Mexico’s Tamaulipas state, said that the piñatas provide an outlet for Mexicans to vent their frustrations at Mr Trump’s controversial portrayal of Mexicans.

“It was a way of expressing disagreement of what he said about us Mexicans,” the artist said. “Donald Trump should not promote racism against Mexicans or Latinos in America.”

Source: The Independent

01 PM | 15 Jun

“Dopa-kinesia” at No Vacancy Gallery #art [#geekgirl]

Dopa Kinesia by Pezaloom

Morwell-based artist Pezaloom lives with early-onset Parkinson’s disease and his latest artistic venture dopa-kinesia explores the breakdown in control that his body is experiencing.

Since being diagnosed with the disease much of his work in performance art has focused on the exploration of the physical and mental conditions of his illness, and the state of decay in the connection between his mind and body.

For this exhibit, Pezaloom has immersed his entire body in 160 kilograms of petroleum jelly to represent the debilitating heaviness, restriction, and slowness of the movement he experiences. The resulting self-portraits are powerful declarations that represent the artist’s immobility.

Dopa-kinesia challenges the idea of the body in art and destabilises the myths and misconceptions surrounding the disease.

Venue:  No Vacancy Gallery

Location: The Atrium at Federation Square, Melbourne

When: 15 June–5 July. Gallery times: Tues–Sat: 11am–5pm, Sunday: 12pm–5pm

Cost: Free

02 PM | 07 Jun

The George Brandis Live #Art #Experience Community on Facebook [#geekgirl]

George Brandis

Vincent Van Georgh.

Australian independent artists want George Brandis to reverse his decision of removing $100m+ arts funding so that the fair and equal distribution of arts money is available to the public sector. A parody site has been erected on FB with a stream of humorous portraits of George.

The FB – About page sums it up…Australia’s Arts minister, George Brandis, seized $100m+ independent arts funding to play with himself. So here we are. Contact us: ArtOfBrandis@gmail.com

Facebook page.

05 PM | 23 May

Mat Collishaw’s Insane #3D printed #Zoetrope [#geekgirl]

UK artist Mat Collishaw teams with fellow Londoner Sebastian Burdon (who handled the 3D modeling and animation) to create a mesmerizing and impossibly detailed 3D-printed zoetrope composed of over 350 character figures plus props and environmental elements.

Based on Peter Paul Rubens’ early 17th century painting “Massacre of the innocent,” the project took six months to complete.

Source: STASH