03 PM | 09 Oct

House of #Ghosts by Barek – new exhibit #Melbourne Oct 20 [#geekgirl]

by barek

In an old deserted farmhouse sitting silently on a long forgotten hill the ghost elders summon everyone from the district and beyond. The air crackles, white sparks fly and temperature drops as small black portals open and close – transporting the spirits as they converge upon on the house for a night of drinking, dancing and heated discussions

“The spooks were havin’ their midnight fling, the merry makin’ was in full swing, they shrieked themselves into a cheerful trance – when the skeleton in the closet started to dance.”

New paintings, drawings and sculptures from artist Barek. A journey into the spirit world cataloging the ever growing menagerie in Barek World. Drawing inspiration from my love of the paranormal, ghost hunting, spell craft, old ghost films and fascination of life after death.

Source: Facebook & Outlet Mag & Tumblr

Exhibition details: Oct 20 – Nov 2, 2017 at Off the Kerb Gallery, 66B Johnston St, Collingwood, Melbourne.

01 PM | 10 Jul

“Artificial Intelligence – Das andere Ich / The Other I” – Ars Electronica Festival 2017 #AI [#geekgirl]


September 7-11, POSTCITY Linz

“Artificial Intelligence – Das andere Ich / The Other I” is the theme of the 2017 Ars Electronica Festival. AE will be focusing their attention beyond the technological and economic horizon to scrutinize cultural, psychological, philosophical and spiritual aspects. From the perspective of a festival dedicated to art, technology and society, Ars Electronica is interested above all in the visions, expectations and fears that they associate with the conception of a future, all-encompassing artificial intelligence.

Source: Ars Electronica

03 PM | 18 Apr

House of Mirrors #Bendigo [#geekgirl]

House of Mirrors is a fascinating walk-through installation composed of a labyrinth of seemingly endless mirrors.

Created by Melbourne installation artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney, House Of Mirrors focuses on the darker side of altered perception playing with themes of uncertainty, thrill and paranoia.

Constructed with forty tonnes of steel and fifteen tonnes of mirrors, the barebasics installation relies on precise geometry and spatial design to lose yourself in endless reflections.

No added gimmicks, no special effects and no special lighting. The primary ingredients are carefully arranged mirrors, geometry and pure optical illusion.

House Of Mirrors brings an authentic sense of amusement – a thrilling blend of delight and fear.

Runs until April 30 at Rosalind Park, Bendigo