04 PM | 27 Mar

MythosMonsters – A #Lovecraft Art Book & Coloring #Book [#geekgirl]



“Mythos Monsters at its core is an art book full of my daily drawings, and features a few of my paintings. The book serves as an encyclopedia of Lovecraftian monsters full of notes and excerpts, along side the drawings and paintings. In the book you will also find a comprehensive list of Lovecraft stories, a two page description of my methods and materials used for this book and much more. I am working with an author (to be announced soon) for the forward and maybe more. The coloring book is a Kickstarter exclusive featuring a collection of images made available for coloring”. Jacob Walker

02 PM | 07 Feb

Falling in love with Frida – Caroline Bowditch #FridaKahlo #Spiegeltent [#geekgirl]

Falling in love with Frida

Falling in love with Frida is an intimate and enticing performance that explores the life, loves and legacy of painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954).

Winner of the prestigious Herald Angel Award at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Falling in love with Frida is a reclaiming of a disabled artist, a love like obsession, and an enquiry into how we shape what we are remembered for and how much can we really control others memories of us. It exposes many little-known facts about the infamous woman, remembered for her art. Where affinities and parallels are drawn, happy distractions are employed and a tale of ‘the great concealer’ is skillfully revealed by and through powerful yet fragile bodies.

Date: 18 Mar 2016 – 19 Mar 2016 Time: Fri & Sat 8pm and Sat 3pm

Tickets are now on sale for Falling in love with Frida at the Spiegeltent! #Melbourne