04 PM | 03 Jun

#MakeoverTheWorld campaign success. Victory for #Animals [#geekgirl]


RSPCA Australia has congratulated the Coalition for listening to Australians’ concerns about the use of live animals in cosmetics testing, with its announcement  that it will introduce legislation to ban the practice, as well as the sale of cosmetics tested on animals from July 2017.

An estimated 27,000 animals are still being used for cosmetics testing across the world. This includes the use of mice, rats and rabbits in tests which can cause pain and distress.

While cosmetic companies don’t test their products on animals here in Australia many well-known brands do test their products or ingredients on animals elsewhere in the world which then end up for sale on our shelves. There is much debate surrounding a need for legislative change to stop this, which is fantastic, but we think cosmetic products that have been tested on animals should not be sold anywhere in the world. There are already more than 20,000 chemical ingredients available to producers of cosmetics products that are considered to be safe, so there is no excuse for any more animals to suffer.

Until there is a complete ban on animal testing the RSPCA has offered a list of companies you should be aware of as a consumer, to voice your concern or show your support by not buying their product.

Source: RSPCA

05 PM | 19 Jan

#Animal #Testing Resumes For Avon, Mary Kay, And Estee Lauder [#geekgirl]


An Italian anti-cosmetic testing on animals ad.


Animal testing for cosmetics is a hot topic in the beauty industry, with most consumers and many companies deciding to avoid products made with animal testing. After more than two decades following a “no testing on animals” policy, cosmetics giants Avon, Mary Kay, and Estee Lauder have resumed the practice without letting consumers know. In the late 1980s, PETA’s “Avon Killing” campaign eventually led to the company banning animal testing for their products, with Mary Kay and Estée Lauder following suit.

According to a press release from Rush PR, the news was broken after animal rights organization PETA removed the companies from their cruelty-free list after discovering that they had returned to using testing on animals for their products. The three companies began the tests again in order to satisfy regulations from the Chinese government so they could sell their products in China. However, PETA contends that there are alternative testing methods that are just as effective and widely used in the US.

Source: The Dog Files