03 PM | 15 Nov

Helping #homeless #women and #girls this Christmas #itsinthebag @sharingdignity [#geekgirl]


You have the power to make life better for an Australian woman or girl experiencing homelessness or poverty this Christmas. Donate to the Christmas collection “It’s In The Bag”.  Provide pads and tampons, personal hygiene products and everyday luxuries to homeless women, women at risk or women experiencing domestic violence.

Taking collections between Nov 18 to Dec 2, 2017. See website for further info and collection points at Bunnings. sharethedignity.com.au

01 PM | 15 Nov

#YES [#geekgirl]


Today was an awesome result – 61.6% of people voted to support same sex marriage in Australia. The government needs to move swiftly to pass legislation and make this happen. No more muckin’ about!


08 PM | 29 Sep

Worldwide #Vegan Chalk Bomb – Oct. 1-2 #veganchalkchallenge [#geekgirl]


“Chalktivism” is an opportunity for the vegan community to reach people in an unexpected and engaging way. The best part (aside from helping animals) is that it’s EASY and FUN.

The aim is to gain public attention, and also reach a much bigger audience – potentially in the millions.

The idea is simple:

1. Buy chalk at a local store. 2. Write a positive vegan message in a public space. 3. Post pictures of your message(s) on social media along with the hashtag ,#veganchalkchallenge.

Visit www.veganchalkchallenge.org for inspiration and more information. If you need ideas for what to write, check out this list: http://www.veganchalkchallenge.org/what-to-write

(This event will coincide with World Day for Farmed Animals on October 2nd.)

Chalkin’ about a Revolution!