11 PM | 22 Sep

International Design Competition, Think Outside the Parking Box

C A L L – F O R – E N T R I E S designboom international graphic design competition. Participation is open to applicants from every country in the world, to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts. Free registration required.

In search of cutting edge design to challenge conventional urban parking to be tougher and stylish.

Qashqai is a resilient urban vehicle with distinct style. It is capable to take on whatever the city throws at it – Qashqai is ‘Urbanproof’. We are looking for ideas around Nissan’s tough and stylish Qashqai. Designs may challenge any element of urban parking (underground, exterior, interior, multi-layer, ground level, shape, colors, material, smell, sound, ramps, signage, limits, etc.). Urban parking is in need of a renovation. Ideas must challenge current perceptions of urban parking and offer a tougher, sleeker, or even playful rendering of it.

The urban parking challenge is open to innovative designers with a bold and daring vision. Design is an innovative field with an ever-growing number of mediums to create this parking renovation: graphic, video, urban, industrial, lighting, motion and more. Ideas may be delivered as videos, objects or illustrations.

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01 PM | 24 Aug

Trace at Artspace. Post colonial cluster fcuk.

29 August – 03 October 2009 TRACE: Displaced (Post-Colonial-Cluster-Fuck) TRACE COLLECTIVE: PHIL BABOT, LEE HASSALL, EDDIE LADD, TONY SCHWENSEN, ANDRÉ STITT

Located in a domestic terraced house in Cardiff, TRACE has presented live works and resulting ‘trace’ installations by a wide range of major international practitioners for almost a decade. According to TRACE: ‘the seemingly left-over or discarded matter from performance activity is offered up for contemplation and reflection in relation to contemporary artists’ exploration and research. In bringing together these discrete elements one becomes aware of a certain unity of practice; a living archive centred on process, events and experiences — traces that embody that fragile quality where the object itself is imbued with the performance that created it.’ With this in mind, the collective also creates regular exhibitions of its archive-based documentations, residues and partial objects created through the process of performance art.

For TRACE: Displaced at Artspace, the TRACE Collective will build a suspended floor structure — a scaled replication of the floor area of TRACE in Cardiff. During each day of the initial, public live aspect of the project, the artists will engage in an ongoing dialogue with the installation, navigating its physicality and making interventions upon its structure. Collective activity will include the dismantling of a number of classic Australian-built Torana cars combined with accumulative documentary videos of live work created in and around Sydney during the TRACE residency at Artspace. References to locations and conditions in and around Old South Wales are displaced and relocated to New South Wales, with the intent of creating multi-layered investigations which reference departure and arrival though post-colonial-scouring-cluster-fuck.

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01 PM | 15 Jul


Open-Source Automotive Hacking

GeekMyRide is a collaborative effort to develop and use open-source software and cutting edge computer hardware to take automotive computer technology to the next level. Our goals include understanding, reverse-engineering, documenting and modifying existing automotive hardware & software, along with the development and installation of new technology.

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