02 PM | 30 Jun

Not so pretty in #pink, the #art of Margaret Meehan #RiotGrrrl [#geekgirl]


Detail of Power to the People (2015).  Photograph: Margaret Meehan (c), courtesy of Flowers Gallery

Margaret Meehan’s collages and sculptures turn ostracised, forgotten women into defiant modern feminists – giving voice to the fringe with prosthetics and paint

“I love pink,” laughs Meehan. “In high school I was sort of the punk girl pushing against its girly associations. But I got over that; I found a book called Pink in Contemporary Art and it showed me how subversive that colour’s been. I was using pink as a bruise; as pus and blood.” For a 2011 show in which she reimagined the hairy-faced 19th-century hypertrichosis sufferer Alice Doherty as a powerful female boxer, Meehan learned to do prosthetics, giving her Doherty model a split lip and broken eyelid. Pink, yes, but certainly not pretty.

Source: The Guardian

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