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  • A Boy and His Dog [#geekgirl]

  • Callout: The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing [#geekgirl]

    The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing is a great opportunity to gain professional visibility as a subject matter expert, expand your network and inspire other women in computing. Be a part of the world’s largest conference for women technologists by submitting a session proposal.

    Submissions are encouraged from professionals at all levels – entry-level to senior women in industry, government and academia, and from students— undergraduate, graduate and post-doc fellows. Women technologists and those who work with them (including technical men, corporate recruiters, nonprofit advocates, etc.) are all welcome to submit session proposals.”

  • #MillionMaskMarch [#geekgirl]

    [Image Via @AnonymousPeru]

    [Image Via @AnonymousPeru]

    [Via RT] “Members and supporters of hacktivist collective Anonymous marked Guy Fawkes Day with a global ‘Million Mask March’ designed to protest against government corruption, corporate malfeasance and the expanding surveillance state…The global action on November 5 is Anonymous’ annual commemoration of Guy Fawkes Day, a British holiday celebrated with fireworks and bonfires. Fawkes is remembered today as the most prominent member of the failed Gunpowder Plot, a 1605 attempt to assassinate King James I of England. The notorious plotter, and his facial likeness, in particular, has become a symbol for the fight against tyranny for the Anonymous hacking collective.

    Event organizers used social media to plan rallies and marches at more than 450 locations around the world. Hundreds of people turned out in each New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and other US cities.”

  • Joss Whedon’s “Equality Now” Speech [#geekgirl]

  • Woman Vs Machine [#geekgirl]


    Closing The Gender Gap In Computer Science
    Source: Best Computer Science Schools

  • Helping Bees: Plant Borage, Lavender, Dahilas and Marjoram [#ecology] [#geekgirl]

    [I can supply lavender and borage seeds free of charge to geekgirl readers in the next month or so. The seeds are all organic, with no pesticides or herbicides used. Let us know if you want any.]

  • “The Legends Of Giants” by Natalia Rak [#geekgirl]

    [Via Imgur]

    [Via Imgur]

  • Drinking Water out of Air [#geekgirl]

    “I’ve never cared much for billboards. Not in the city, not out of the city — not anywhere, really. It’s like the saying in that old Five Man Electrical Band song. So when the creative director of an ad agency in Peru sent me a picture of what he claimed was the first billboard that produces potable water from air, my initial reaction was: gotta be a hoax, or at best, a gimmick.

    Except it’s neither: The billboard pictured here is real, it’s located in Lima, Peru, and it produces around 100 liters of water a day (about 26 gallons) from nothing more than humidity, a basic filtration system and a little gravitational ingenuity.”

  • The Science of Happiness – An Experiment in Gratitude [#geekgirl]

    “What makes you happy? Have you ever wondered why? Join us as we take an experimental approach on what makes people happier.”

  • “Hey, I heard them say your card was declined…” [#geekgirl]

    [Image Via Imgur]