12 PM | 13 Sep

Burning Man consider suing Corporate Portrayal #Burners #BurnTrials [#geekgirl]

Burn Trials- Out of the Maze and into the Playa by “QuiznosToaster”

What happens when you send the characters from The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials to an overcrowded music festival in the desert? You’ll have to witness it for yourself. Things will get toasty on The Playa. Welcome to the #BurnTrials!

Is Burning Man on your bucket list?

A new advertisement that mocks Burning Man’s corporate influences and was itself produced by sandwich company Quizno’s (as a faux-installment of The Maze Runner movie franchise) is so meta and self-aware as to be nearly sentient. At once brilliant and sordid, this is the kind of meta-TV that David Foster Wallace warned us about, may he rest in peace. Oh, and perfectly completing the meta-mind-fuck of this whole episode, Burning Man officials are considering a lawsuit against Quizno’s — for commodifying its culture.

Source & article: sfist