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  • “Abbott says Australians’ web browsing history to be retained…” [#geekgirl]

    [From this ZDNet article] “Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said web browsing history for each and every Australian resident would be required to be retained by telecommunications companies under new data retention legislation expected to be entered into parliament later this year.

    Yesterday the prime minister and Attorney-General George Brandis said that in principle approval had been given by Cabinet for Brandis to develop a framework to require telecommunications companies to retain customer data for up to two years.”

  • “Mysterious Craters Are Just the Beginning of Arctic Surprises…” [#geekgirl]

    The Artic = sad

    [From this Scientific American article] “It’s not just craters purportedly dug by aliens in Russia, it’s also megaslumps, ice that burns and drunken trees. The ongoing meltdown of the permanently frozen ground that covers nearly a quarter of land in the Northern Hemisphere has caused a host of surprising arctic phenomena.

    Temperatures across the Arctic are warming roughly twice as fast as the rest of the globe, largely due to the reduction in the amount of sunlight reflecting off of white, snow-covered ground. “At some point, we might get into a state of permafrost that is not comparable to what we know for 100 years or so, some new processes that never happened before,” says geologist Guido Grosse of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Germany.”

  • No Morals Morrison Attacks the UN Refugee Convention [#geekgirl] [#wtf]

    [Image Credit: SBS]

    [Image Credit: SBS]

    [From this SBS article] “Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has launched an attack on the UN Refugee Convention, saying it was being used to defend “death voyages”… Lawyers for…157 asylum seekers say the group were told they would be forced to go to India in three orange lifeboats, which they would be taught to use.

    Human Rights Law Centre Executive Director Hugh de Kretser told media on Monday that the group were “absolutely terrified” over the incident, which reportedly happened around mid-June.

    “Australian government officers on board the customs vessel told the group they would be forced to go to India in three orange lifeboats dropped in the ocean somewhere off the coast of India,” he said.

    Mr de Kretser said he had been told that nine adults and two children were taken away from the rest of the group on July 14, when they were shown the lifeboats and told they would be put in them.

    He said all instructions were given in English, which none of the asylum seekers are fluent in. Only a handful speak poor English.

    “Whatever your personal views are on politics and refugee policy, this move was an affront to human decency,” he said.

    Mr de Kretser also said the group were only allowed to change their clothes 11 days after being brought onto the Customs vessel, where they were kept in three windowless rooms 22 hours a day.”


  • “Hockey tells Kiwis there is no economic crisis in Australia..” [#geekgirl]

    [From SBS] “Joe Hockey has told New Zealand that there is no crisis in the Australian economy, nor is it in trouble.

    The treasurer also made no mention of the “budget emergency” he and his government referred to when justifying their unpopular budget to Australians.

    Instead, Mr Hockey reassured Kiwis that their second biggest trading partner is benefiting from 23 years of consecutive economic growth.

    “The Australian economy is not in trouble,” he told New Zealand political current affairs show The Nation on Saturday.

    Mr Hockey also denied drastic reforms to Australian healthcare, education and taxes were about ideological change.

    He said his government’s reforms were about continuing growth and stimulating other parts of the economy.

    “There’s no crisis at all in the Australian economy,” the treasurer said.

    “The fact is you need to move on the budget to fix it now, and you need to undertake structural reform to structure the economy in the years ahead.”

    Despite the changes, New Zealand has nothing to worry about in terms of its trading partnership with Australia, he said.”

  • “When Does A Woman Owe You Sex?” [#geekgirl]

    [Image Credit: (by Raquel Reichard)

    [Image Credit: (by Raquel Reichard)

  • “Meet Febrina, 3 Years Old…” [#geekgirl]


  • Fat Cigars, Now Gleeful Joe Hockey Danced In His Office Before the #Budget2014 [#geekgirl]

  • “$11,000 for breakfast with Tony Abbott…” [#geekgirl]

    [Via The Guardian] “The Liberal party federal director, Brian Loughnane, has offered “business observers” a breakfast with the prime minister, Tony Abbott, and access to his ministers’ chiefs of staff for $11,000, at the same time as New South Wales Liberal party members face scrutiny in the Independent Commission Against Corruption over influence peddling.

    The $11,000 price tag – including GST – is pitched just below the $12,000 threshold at which political donations have to be disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission.

    An email from Loughnane went out to potential business observers on Tuesday afternoon, after two days of hearings in the Icac inquiry into the Eightbyfive slush fund, which, Icac has heard, took banned donations from property developers to fund specific Liberal party campaigns.”

  • The National Commission of Audit Recommendations Sounds Like They’re Straight Out of The Onion

    [Image from ABC News 24]

    [Image from ABC News 24]

    *Raise age pension age to 70 by 2053.
    * Include the family home in a new means test from 2027.
    * Raise superannuation preservation age to 62 by 2027.
    * Slow the roll-out of the national disability insurance scheme.
    * $15 co-payment to visit the doctor and access Medicare
    * Require wealthy Australians to have private health insurance.
    * Increase co-payments for taxpayer-funded medicines.
    * Open pharmacy sector to competition, such as supermarkets.
    * Allow the states to impose a personal income tax surcharge,
    offset by reduction in federal rates.
    * Scrap Family Tax Befit Part B and new means test for Part A
    with maximum rate cut out at $48,837.
    * Lower the paid parental leave scheme salary cap to $57,460 -
    average week earnings – and use the savings for new child care
    * States to be responsible for allocating all schools policy and
    * Uni students to pay more for their degrees and lower local
    repayment threshold to the minimum wage.
    * New benchmark to lower growth in the minimum wage to 44 per
    cent of average weekly earnings.
    * Force young job-seekers to relocate or lose welfare benefit.
    * Reduce the number of government bodies.
    * Privatise Australia Post, NBN Co, Defence Housing, Snowy Hydro
    amongst other government-owned enterprises.
    * Abolish the Australia Network.”
  • Varied News Sources in Oz? #Where? [#geekgirl]