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“Men should be allowed to express cuteness, prettiness or emotional vulnerability if they want,” Hileman said. “Cybertwee’s culture is anti-sexism, so while obviously it’s not going to be for everyone, as not all people are especially feminine, if some more masculine people can resonate with us and open up to our ideas, perhaps we can find ways to bring more women into the tech world or find ways to narrow wage gaps together. ”

Hileman, Waver and Forest (the 3 founders of cybertwee) are now in the process of curating their first juried show in their ‘Cybertwee Headquarters’, a virtual gallery that will be accessible to everyone via a custom-built app. But they don’t rule out the possibility that future work could be shown in the physical world, though all of them shrug off the idea that showing art in a virtual location is fundamentally different from one in an actual gallery. “We’d like to get away from the notion that there is a separation between ‘real life’ and ‘digital life,'” Waver said.

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Express Yourself with Cindy Sherman #Emojis [#geekgirl]

Cindy Sherman Emojis

For when emojis won’t suffice: express yourself with Cindy Sherman-icons!

“Highbrow folk like us often find the traditional emoticon can struggle to express how we really feel. We don’t ALWAYS want to convey that we’re blindly happy, crying with laughter or horizontally-lipped and nonplussed. Sometimes, we need something a little more creative. Thank the lord, then, that Hyo Hong has come up with just the solution, in the form of the multifaceted (in its truest sense) Cindy Sherman-icon.

With such rich subject matter to play with, there really is a Cindy for pretty much every occasion, thanks to the fact the artist’s practice is based almost exclusively on images of her self in different guises. New York-based designer Hyo says: “I found iconic connections between her self-portraits and emoticons in terms of various facial expressions from one face.” Now, anyone else feeling a little, well, 80s American HR assistant today?”

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