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  • “Celebrate women in STEM with Ada Lovelace Day, October 14th, 2014…” [#geekgirl]

    [Image Credit: Simon Fraser Uni Library]

    [Image Credit: Simon Fraser Uni Library]

    What’s happening at SFU?

    Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: Tuesday, October 14th, 9:00am-1:30pm, Research Commons, 7th floor, W.A.C. Bennett Library, SFU Burnaby
    Drop in and join us!

    SFU Library’s Research Commons is hosting a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on Ada Lovelace Day. Join our interdisciplinary crew of amateur editors as we create, expand, and improve Wikipedia entries for some of SFU’s female researchers.

    No experience with wiki editing is necessary, but a Wikipedia editing workshop will take place on October 6th, if you wish to prepare. Join us for all or part of this fun, friendly, and informal event, fueled by coffee and camaraderie.

    Talk by Dr. Jennifer Gardy: “Leaky pipelines and push-up bras: Women in STEM and science media”


    Tuesday, October 14th, 2:00pm-3:00pm, IRMACS Theatre, Room 10905, Applied Sciences Building, SFU Burnaby

    Name five well-known scientists. Now name five famous TV scientists. And now, count how of many of those are women… As a scientist and a science communicator, I’ve explored the role of women in STEM from multiple perspectives and, while things are certainly improving, there’s still far to go. In this talk, I’ll cover some of my own observations about women in science and science media, and we’ll examine some practical and easy actions we can all take to help promote the visibility of women in STEM.”

  • “When Does A Woman Owe You Sex?” [#geekgirl]

    [Image Credit: (by Raquel Reichard)

    [Image Credit: (by Raquel Reichard)

  • “Inspire Her Mind” [#geekgirl]

  • “Set aside the barbie dolls and the disney princesses for just a moment… [#geekgirl]

    …and let’s show our girls the REAL women they can be.”


  • The Royal Society Women in Science Edit-a-thon [#geekgirl]

    [Via HASTAC] “The Royal Society Women in Science Edit-a-thon: Friday, October 11, 2013 – 11:00am – Saturday, October 12, 2013 – 2:00am.

    • Date: Friday 11 October 2013; in two parts – editathon runs 13.15-18.00; panel 18.30-20.30.
    • Venue: The Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5AG
    • Book: HERE – there are 15 places for the editathon, and 100 for the panel discussion
    • Cost: Free
    • Twitter hashtag: #WISWIKI
    • Resources to edit: see below
    • Participants: The editing session is for Wikipedia newcomers to learn how to edit or anyone wanting to contribute. Female editors particularly encouraged to attend. Panel open to anyone interested in Women in Science topic.

    We welcome participants to communicate with us online:

    • Twitter hashtag: #WomenSciWP
      • @wikimediauk, @royalsociety
    • IRC: #wikimedia-uk
    • We have been granted a free open online access to the Royal Society’s biographical memoirs and all of the journals for 24 hours on 11th October (midnight to midnight BST) available to anyone at all. (Terms and conditions will still apply[1], in particular section 6 on prohibited use).
    • MRC has created a guide of how to search for biographical information for this series of events see…); padding-right: 18px; background-position: 100% 50%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;”>here.
    • Useful resources for editing articles about the Royal Society Fellows are here.
    • A general useful resource is the Archives of Women in Science and Engineering at Iowa State University.”
  • Announcing “#PRISOM”, A Synthetic Reality Surveillance Game [#geekgirl]

    #PRISOM,  A Synthetic Reality Surveillance Game

    #PRISOM, A Synthetic Reality Surveillance Game

    So we (meaning Mez Breeze Design) can finally let the (Schrödinger’s?) cat out of the very tightly zipped bag: we’re *extremely* excited to officially announce our latest co-production with Dreaming Methods: “#PRISOM“. #PRISOM is a Synthetic Reality Game where a player is set loose in a Glass City under infinite surveillance. Will you be brave enough to enter?

    The project is making its début at (and is funded by) the “MARart4 Transreal Topologies Exhibition” as part of #ISMAR2013, the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality in conjunction with SA Uni’s Wearable Computer Lab. So if you’re keen to don a HMD (Head-Mounted Display) and throw yourself into #PRISOM, head to the Adelaide City East Campus of the University of South Australia on October 1-4th.

  • Rails Girls Canberra [#geekgirl]

    Rails Girls Canberra, 9-10th August 2013

    Rails Girls has arrived in Canberra! This free two-day workshop will introduce you to the magical world of Ruby on Rails – the platform behind some of the best sites on the web. Learn to build great things quickly – no experience required.

    Apply now — Applications close July 29th [today!].


  • #Barbie Reimagined with Actual Average Female Proportions [#geekgirl]

  • How A #Barbie #Body Measures Up To Real Bodies [#geekgirl]

    Barbie Blargh

    Barbie Blargh

  • Can you help with #tooFEW? [#geekgirl]

    Feminists Engage Wikipedia

    “We’re organizing another wikipedia edit session, called Feminists Engage Wikipedia, or #tooFEW. I’ve seen a few announcements about #tooFEW on here, but wanted to put out a call/plea for help tomorrow. The event has become WAY larger than any of us anticipated, with 5 in-person sessions and a big virtual component. Almost everyone is a first-time editor, with a few experienced people guiding the way.

    We’ve developed a chatroom for asking questions, sharing resources or just meeting other folks. If you’ve participated in another edit-a-thon, or have some experience editing Wikipedia or negotiating disputes that arise, we’d love to have you in the chatroom as a resource! And if you want to take your first editing steps with us, jump in!”

    Friday, March 15th
    11am – 3pm EST

    Collaborative wiki for resources, keeping tabs of blogs on #tooFEW, etc.:

    Official Wikipedia page – please register here: