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  • “Google Faces…” [#geekgirl]

    Google Faces – searching for faces on Google Maps using face recognition from onformative.

    The video shows the application in action while searching for faces on Google Maps.
    For more information and some of the faces that it found, check out

  • “UN Climate Summit” [#geekgirl]

  • “If We Grew Our Own…” [#geekgirl]

    [Via An Inconvenient Truth]

    [Via An Inconvenient Truth]

  • Spring Herb, Fruit & Vegies Planting Guide [#geekgirl]



  • Printable Solar Panels Coming Soon

    [From this article at the abc] “Australian solar power scientists are one step closer to making available a cheaper and faster way to print solar cells onto plastic.

    CSIRO’s senior research scientist Dr Fiona Scholes said the technology was almost at the commercialisation stage and could be used to power laptops to rooftops.

    “iPad covers, laptop bags, skins of iPhone – not just for casing electronics but to collect some energy as well and power those electronics,” Dr Scholes said.

    The Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium behind the project comprises scientists from the CSIRO and the Melbourne and Monash universities who have been working on printing solar cells since 2007.”

  • Australia’s People Climate March [#geekgirl]

    “On September 21, tens of thousands of Australians will hit the streets of Melbourne, together with thousands more in cities and towns across Australia, as part of the world’s largest People’s Climate March. Our message is simple – Action, Not Words – it’s time for Australia to get out of the way of real climate action, to say no to new fossil fuel expansion and to protect and grow our renewable energy sector. But it doesn’t end here. When you join us on September 21, we’ll also ask you to pledge to help Action win over Words by committing to exercise your political, consumer and grassroots power in a number of exciting ways. Stay tuned for more updates but in the meantime RSVP for an event near you or register your own event.”

  • What You Should Know Vs The #Media [#geekgirl]

  • “Man Dives into an Exploding Volcano…” [#geekgirl]

    “Sam Cossman and George Kourounis guided by volcanic pioneers Geoff Mackely and Brad Ambrose become among the first explorers to step foot inside the worlds most dangerous and inaccessible volcano, Marum Crater. More people have visited the moon than the firey bottom of this spectacular and deadly place.”

  • “If you like it then…” [#geekgirl]


  • Organisms In Space? [#geekgirl]

    [From this article at] “Russian cosmonauts have discovered something remarkable clinging to the outside of the International Space Station: living organisms.

    The microscopic creatures appeared during a space walk intended to clean the vessel’s surface, and were allegedly identified — incredibly — as a type of sea plankton. This is big: According to Sploid, Russian scientists are both “shocked by [the] discovery and can’t really explain how [it] is possible.”

    “Results of the experiment are absolutely unique,” Russian ISS Orbital Mission Chief Vladimir Solovyev told the ITAR-TASS News Agency. “This should be studied further.”

    Life in space: While not exactly alien life forms, experts are having trouble explaining how the plankton ended up on the station and survived — possibly even grew and multiplied — 205 miles above Earth’s surface.”