01 PM | 06 Jul

‘Waba’ is a #Virtual #Pet That Aims to Wobble Your Heartstrings #VR #Game [#geekgirl]

Coming to Oculus and Vive on July 10th!

Waba is an interactive character, empathy simulator, and virtual pet for VR. Waba wobbles when you touch him (her?), and s/he’ll also wobble your heartstrings. Waba was developed for controller-based VR with the goal of creating a special form of interactivity and presence that can only exist within the medium of virtual reality.

You can pet Waba, stretch Waba, feed Waba, put waba to sleep, and play fetch together!

Go to http://waba.pet/ to sign up for email updates.

Steam Store Page https://store.steampowered.com/app/418940/Waba/

11 PM | 11 Sep

The Walking Dead: Our World – Augmented Reality (#AR) #Gaming #ARKit demo [#geekgirl]

If you’ve ever felt that there’s not enough zombie-killing action in your day-to-day life, Finnish developer Next Games has your back with The Walking Dead: Our World.

The game combines the zombie hordes of the wildly popular TV show with Pokémon Go style augmented reality gaming. Unlike Niantic’s faithful implementation of the monster-catching sim, which can see some users tramping kilometres to track down a single measly Pidgey, Our World promises that you’ll be able to “fight walkers on the streets, in the park, on your sofa, wherever and whenever you feel like it”, with weapons ranging from swords to fully-automatic firearms.

Source: wired

07 PM | 28 Nov

#DelicateDuplicates BETA is now LIVE #surreal #immersive #story [#geekgirl]


#DelicateDuplicates Open Beta, is a digital fiction project by Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze. Mez and Andy developed this surreal and immersive new media short story working across continents and time zones. It incorporates some of Chris Joseph’s most atmospheric soundtracks and has pushed electronic literature to new audiences thanks to Tracey McGarrigan.

The team is looking for as much feedback as possible from the Beta Version before the final push to launch early in 2017. Funded by The Space and winner of the Tumblr International Prize for Digital Media, and others…

Your Move.