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  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) = Nationally Sanctioned Corporate Monopoly [#geekgirl]

    As the above video outlines, the hyper-secret Free Trade Agreement being currently brokered by the Trans-Pacific Partnership has nothing to do with Free Trade and is, in actuality, the inverse of it. The 12 countries involved in the TPP (which include Australia, Brunei-Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam) are currently secretly negotiating to allow:

    • Drug Companies to increase prices and extend the term of their patents (thereby increasing dramatically the time before generic versions of the patented pharmaceuticals can hit the market)
    • Restrictions on buying local goods and services, with individual countries being denied the ability to implement systems that mandate support of locally based product(s)
    • Making Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) labelling illegal
    • Weakening of environmental regulations
    • Severe restrictions on digital copying and electronic transfers, with significant interference with the basic functioning of the Internet
    • Radical enforcement of a system that would make SOPA look weak by comparison
    • Added secrecy to corporate and government alliances, including a deliberate lack of transparency regarding institutionalised information
    • A substantial negative impact regarding the regulation of Financial Services
    • The ruling out of Capital Controls
    • Dampening of national law implementation in favour of Partnership rulings (as Yves Smith says: “The language in [the TPP Agreement]…goes something along the lines of ‘All signatories are required to make their laws and regulations conform to the standard of this agreement.’ They are literally required to make their nation-based laws subordinate to the laws of these agreements [with] liberalised capital flows and minimal restrictions…One of the things to extends…is the [idea of] special panels that companies can go to to get matters adjudicated if they believe that regulations have led them to lose profit. And it’s not even necessarily that they’ve currently lost profit, but it’s that they have potentially lost profit.“)
    • The isolation of China
    • Stigmatisation and removal of worker’s rights, labour agreements and employment protections/support (superannuation, pensions, retirement ages etc).

    So if, like us, you’re preddy much shocked and appalled by the TPP and want to stop it dead in its tracks, watch the video below and take appropriate action.

  • “Jobs For Liars” [#geekgirl]

    Listen to these ballsy students grilling NSA recruiters. Amazing.

  • July 4: Show Your Support for the Fourth Amendment [#geekgirl]

  • Julian Assange To Give ISEA2013 Keynote Today [#geekgirl] [#iseeisea]

    [Image via Syd Uni]

    Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, will present a special keynote address for the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art via live video link at the University of Sydney on Thursday 13 June 2013 at 5.30pm.

    He will address a small public audience as well as conference delegates from his refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has spent the past year after being granted political asylum.

    Assange’s live stream via Skype will be screened in two lecture theatres: New Law 101 (conference audience) and Eastern Avenue Auditorium (general public audience).

    The 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2013) is symposium presented by the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) and supported by Destination NSW to align with Vivid Sydney.”


  • Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits [#geekgirl] [#misshack]

    Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits

    Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits

    Big day today: it’s the opening of our “Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits (NAF:TMFC)” which is a “…durational event including symposia, exhibition, performances, workshops and social gatherings that will take place in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 31 May – 30 June 2013 at Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania (CAST) and on the Internet.” See the schedule here – of note are Florian Cramer’s keynote, contribs by Josephine Bosma and Matthew Fuller plus workshops by Julian Oliver + Danja Vasiliev [oh + some weird "txtual coding sheete" by someone called netwurker?;)]

  • Random Hacks of Kindness Melbourne (#RHoK) [#geekgirl]


    Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK)

    Random Hacks of Kindness Melbourne (RHoK) is a not for profit local group that is part of a global movement of hackers who are hacking for good around the world. We invite participants to work together to produce practical open source solutions to development problems related to disaster risk, major crisis (like bushfires, floods and earthquakes), and the challenges of climate change.

    What is RHoK?

    RHoK is a global hackathon that takes part twice a year. It was started in 2009 by Google, NASA, Yahoo!, Microsoft and the World Bank, and since then RHoK has been bringing together thousands of people around the world to create open source solutions that can save lives and alleviate suffering. RHoK Melbourne events encourage participants to develop solutions that can be used, in particular, to help people prepare for and respond to natural disasters. Melbourne is again taking part in the next global RHoK event in June this year.

    RHoK Global Hackathon – 1st & 2nd of June

    The next RHoK is approaching fast. You can sign up to the event via Eventbrite

    See our Press Release here.

    RHoK Melbourne will be located at Swinburne University Hawthorn, in the TD building.”

  • #Tax #Evaders: Play It Now! [#geekgirl]

    Tax Evader - Yes Sir!

    Tax Evader – Yes Sir!

    “Incredibly, some of the wealthiest, most powerful corporations pay less than you or I do in taxes. While the rest of us pay our fair share, these corporate Tax Evaders are stealing nearly $100 Billion a year out of our national economy – every year. Meanwhile, drastic cuts to our public services are taking place, threatening social security, health care, education, and much more.

    It’s time to stop talking about cuts, and start talking about the corporations who have changed the laws in order to avoid paying their fair share. It’s time to make them pay.

    Join us in shining a light on corporate Tax Evaders.

    Tax Evaders is a national project involving artists, game designers, researchers, protest groups, grassroots organizations and concerned citizens.

    We’d like thank our allies:  Citizen Engagement Lab, The Other 98%, US Uncut
    The Yes Lab, The Overpass Light Brigades, Americans for Tax Fairness, Public Research Interest Group, and Occupy Wall St.”

  • Aaron Swartz #Documentary – The Internet’s Own Boy [#geekgirl]

  • The Perils of #Doublethink [#geekgirl]


    “How are you to imagine anything if the images are always provided for you?

    Who here read ‘1984’ last year?…[Doublethink is] …to deliberately believe in lies while knowing they’re false. Examples of this in everyday life: “Oh I need to be pretty to be happy. I need surgery to be pretty. I need to be thin, famous, fashionable.

    Our young men today are being told that women are whores, bitches, things to be screwed, beaten, shit on and shamed.

    This is a marketing holocaust. 24-hours a day, for the rest of our lives, the powers that be are hard at work dumbing us to death. So, to defend ourselves and fight against assimilating this dullness into our though processes we must learn to read: to stimulate our own imaginations, to cultivate our own consciousness, our own belief-systems. We all need these skills – to defend, to preserve, our own minds.”

  • #Glitch #Art 0P3NR3P0.NET Share Fest


    “The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago will be hosting an IRL exhibition of glitch worx submitted to the 0P3NR3P0 as part of the Internet Superheroes series. Join us at the MCA on March 19 at 6pm to celebrate this bug collection AFK.

    To include your work in the ‘Glitch Art 0P3NR3P0 Share Fest’ submit a link to any visually wwweb based file (html, jpg, gif, youtube, vimeo, etc.) and your piece will automatically be included in the line-up (one work per artist).”