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  • Sexist Contest by #OnePlus Pulled [#geekgirl]

    [Image Credit: The Verge]

    [Image Credit: The Verge]

    [From this article at The Verge] ‘If you’re having trouble imagining why OnePlus might have just a few female fans, there’s a good chance that it’s related to the wholly off-putting, condescending, and inconsiderate attitudes that this contest demonstrates. The entire contest looks like guys from the depths of the internet finally found some amount of social currency and are using it to coax women into putting on a show for them, or somehow mixing that with a strange form of advertising. OnePlus is hardly the only member of the tech industry that’s making a lack of respect for women so pervasive, but this is a truly blatant, bad, and public example of it.

    OnePlus has received a few submissions so far, but it’s received about as many fake submissions from guys Photoshopping OnePlus logos onto womens’ bodies as it has actual submissions. Other comments are men leering over the womens’ photos, while others just note that there aren’t actually that many women on the forums. A few of the photos have been women standing up against the contest though, with one woman flipping OnePlus off and another woman holding up a sign that reads “This contest is sexist and insulting. Way to inflict self-esteem issues, we don’t have enough of those in our society.”‘

  • “…Ferguson. It’s not on a single TV station.” [#geekgirl]


  • Vocal Frrrrrry [#geekgirl]

  • RIP, Robin Williams [#sad] [#suchloss] [#geekgirl]


  • “The Only ‘Plot’ Is The One The Australian Lost Long Ago…” [#geekgirl]

    [Via this New Matilda Article] “The only thing better than accusing New Matilda of being ‘involved in a plot’ to bring down a Prime Minister would be accusing New Matilda of being involved in a plot that did bring down a Prime Minister. And for the record, we’re not fussed whether it’s a Labor or Liberal one – our job, in stark contrast to those at The Australian, is to keep all the bastards honest.

    Web traffic to New Matilda is setting new records. The subscriptions are rolling in (ok, they’re trickling in, damn you free online media business model!) and our site has nearly crashed from traffic on several occasions in the past 24 hours.

    New Matilda struggles with profitability, and paying real wages and writers. We possibly always will. But we still lose $30 million less a year than the Australian does. We’re not a wealthy publication, but even if we were, we could never have afforded this level of free advertising.

    So thank you, Chris Mitchell, from the bottom of my empty wallet.”

  • Call: Papers on TechnoShamanism [#geekgirl]



    From July 1st till October 30th we are accepting materials for our forthcoming publication Technoshamanism. It will be a bilingual edition (in Portuguese and English) and is published as a collaboration between editors in Brazil and Denmark.
    We are inviting papers on the subjects of technoshamanism, animism, indigenous people’s culture and rights, shamanic practices, biodiversity, agroforestry, permaculture, retelling of shamanic experiences, hallucinogenic plants, indigenous struggle, DIY culture, science and technology, art and electronics, transhuman interfaces based on technological gadgets, and any other topic related to the broader concept of technoshamanism.
    The publication will discuss the issue of ancestral knowledge and new technologies and will pursue ecological alternatives as well as models and aesthetics to obtain new parameters for acting in the world in an era where not only the water supply, but also the very existence of forests and their peoples, of nature itself, are at risk.
    We are accepting articles as well as fiction or techno fiction, images, comics, photonovels and any other suitable means of expression, as long as they are no longer than ten pages for each person or group. The publishing, in print as well as online, will be taken care of by the technoshamanist network. We will accept submissions in English, Portuguese and Spanish.
    Please send your material to the following email address: [].”

  • Too True, Andrew Denton [#geekgirl]


  • The Girlie Werewolf Hall of Fame [#geekgirl]

    [From The Maroondah Art Gallery Website]

    [Image Credit: The Maroondah Art Gallery Website]

    [From the Maroondah Art Gallery] “The Girlie Werewolf Hall of Fame presents a sweeping visual survey of the female werewolf throughout the centuries, re-imagined as exquisite reduction linocut portraits by Melbourne-based printmaker Jazmina Cininas. The portraits draw on references as diverse as early modern woodcuts, Baltic folklore, Victorian gothic literature, comics and contemporary cinema, bringing to light the many overlooked yet fascinating narratives of female were-creatures.”

  • Couldn’t Help Myself…[#geekgirl]


  • “ABC largely meets its professional standards, auditors find…” [#geekgirl]

    [Image Via Wikimedia.Org]

    [Via an article at The Guardian]“Two independent audits of ABC news and current affairs stories and political interviews have found the public broadcaster overwhelmingly meets its professional standards and is fair and impartial.

    More than 95% of the content examined attracted no criticism or concerns from the two non-ABC reviewers: author and journalist Gerald Stone and former BBC journalist Andrea Wills.

    However, out of 97 stories about asylum seekers there were some issues identified by Stone as “raising concerns about the standard of coverage and requiring further investigation”, one on 7:30 and four on Lateline.”