04 PM | 23 May

Mad Max: Fury Road’s war drumming #Doof Wagon doesn’t represent doof [#geekgirl]

Mad Max Fury Road’s “Doof Wagon” has introduced the world to Australia’s slang term for techno music, but a man making a documentary on Australia’s doof culture says the fantasy vehicle misrepresents the word.

The film features the speaker-laden Doof Wagon carrying men beating war drums and a heavy metal guitarist suspended mid-air.

A new documentary claims the word “doof” was coined in 1993 when a woman complained about the noise of techno music coming from the house next door.

The politically motivated techno punk scene adopted the word, describing their illegal all-night parties as “doofs”.

Some in that scene also adopted a Mad Max-inspired aesthetic, though their vision of the future was less dystopian than that depicted in the films.

Helga said ‘what is this doof, doof, doof? This is not music’.

mad-max-fury-road Source: ABC