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  • “Squarepusher × Z-MACHINES” [#geekgirl]


    [From the youtube description] “Referred to as “an attempt to break new ground for emotional machine music” by its composer Squarepusher, “Sad Robot Goes Funny” features the superhuman prowess of Z-MACHINES, showcasing in particular the stupendous chops of the guitarist playing multiple melody lines with 78 fingers and 12 picks at lightning speed in the latter half of the song. This makes it a truly groundbreaking piece of music from Squarepusher to open the way for new music of the future.”

  • Friendly Fa$cism by Consolidated [#geekgirl] [#TuneNostalgia]

    Friendly Fa$cism

    Friendly Fa$cism

  • 8BitBoy: A Flash based Amiga Modplayer [#geekgirls] [#geekboyz]

    “Karsten Obarski invented 1987 – twenty years ago – the MOD format for his Ultimate Tracker running on Amiga computers. Since then, countless songs are created, especially for the demoscene.

    MODs have special attributes. All samples are stored in 8bits and the number of voices is limited to four. To have something similarly to chords, the three notes of it are repeated very fast. This makes MODs sound so freaky.

    Finally 8BitBoy brings those songs back online.”

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