05 PM | 31 May

Rock Fans Outraged As Bob Dylan Goes #Electronica [#geekgirl]


NEWPORT, RI—Audience members at the Newport Rock Festival were “outraged” when rock icon Bob Dylan followed up such classic hits as “Like A Rolling Stone” and “Maggie’s Farm” with an electronica set composed of atonal drones, hyperactive drumbeats, and the repeated mechanized lyric “Dance to the club life!” “We came here to see the authentic Dylan, the one with the Stratocaster guitar and signature wild blues-rock band behind him,” audience member Robert Hochschild said. “Then he walks out with these puffy headphones, some turntables, and a laptop? The guy’s a Judas.” When asked later about his musical transformation by reporters, Dylan said he had nothing to say about the beats he programs, he just programs them.

Source: The Onion

05 PM | 10 Feb

Triple M to launch #AC/DC digital radio station

Austereo’s Triple M is launching digital radio station, High Voltage Radio, (MIX 94.5) featuring songs and content dedicated to Australian rock band AC/DC.

It will go to air for four weeks until the end of AC/DC’s national tour and will be broadcast on DAB+ and online at mix.com.au, High Voltage will be the fourth Digital Radio offering from Austereo and will air for four weeks until the end of AC/DC’s national tour.

AC/DC songs featured will include their big hits, lesser known tracks, live versions and archived Triple M interviews.