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  • The Art of #Punk: Black Flag – Art + Music [#geekgirl]

  • #Smells Like #Teen Spirit – Kennedy Rose’s #Nirvana Cover [#geekgirl]

    I’m sure Kurt Cobain would have loved this: just the right mix of aspergery-focus, extreme talent and fashion-awkward cred.

  • Bring The Cure to Melbourne #demandit #music #widget #geekgirl

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  • Triple M to launch #AC/DC digital radio station

    Austereo’s Triple M is launching digital radio station, High Voltage Radio, (MIX 94.5) featuring songs and content dedicated to Australian rock band AC/DC.

    It will go to air for four weeks until the end of AC/DC’s national tour and will be broadcast on DAB+ and online at, High Voltage will be the fourth Digital Radio offering from Austereo and will air for four weeks until the end of AC/DC’s national tour.

    AC/DC songs featured will include their big hits, lesser known tracks, live versions and archived Triple M interviews.

  • RIP Rowland S Howard Loses Battle With Cancer

    The news of Rowland S. Howard’s death at age 50, comes as quite a shock. I personally knew members of the Birthday Party having lived with Phil Calvert (then drummer of the Birthday Party) in the 80s in London. All the guys, at that time, Nick Cave, Tracy Pew, Rowland S. Howard, Mick Harvey and Phil Calvert were quirky and nice, if not, drug fucked and brilliant.!

    It is true I hadn’t seen Rowland in many years, but was considering going to the Northcote Social Club to see a performance in line with the release of his latest album Pop Crimes. A mighty effort by all accounts and Rowland’s much anticipated musical venture after a ten year wait.

    In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine this month, Howard admitted that he had liver cancer, and was awaiting a transplant. He told the magazine, “If you’re trying to write about the human condition there is only so many things you can choose from. Being told that you’ve only got a couple of years to live without a transplant is a pretty frightening experience and certainly changes the way you feel about your life, [it] makes things so much closer.”

    This except about Rowland S. Howard’s death this morn comes from Mess and Noise

    Excerpt: Australia’s music scene has lost a true icon with the reported passing of Rowland S Howard today (December 30). While no official statement has been made by management, close friends of the guitarist have confirmed reports that he lost his ongoing battle with liver cancer at Melbourne’s Austin Hospital this morning.

    Howard, 50, was a former member of the Young Charlatans, The Boys Next Door (who later morphed into The Birthday Party) and These Immortal Souls. He penned the underground hit ‘Shivers’ for The Boys Next Door and memorably dueted with Lydia Lunch on Lee Hazlewood’s ‘Some Velvet Morning’.

    GG note:  At least Rowland you can catch up with Tracy and have a snort! Much respect, you will be missed. rosiex

    Youtube video of Shivers

  • Forever Michael – 7 minute video touring some of the hundreds of Second Life tributes to Michael Jackson

    Forever Michael (Sin City)

    Designed around spontaneous memorials that are erected around key sites at the time of celebrity deaths, this installation both pays tribute to and comments in the mass hysteria surrounding Michael Jackson’s untimely passing. First reported on celebrity gossip site, Michael’s death sparked an unprecedented internet frenzy, with Twitter recording over 5000 Jackson Tweets a minute. Over 11 million people watched his memorial live on the web, and tributes, traditionally found on the street were springing up on social networking sites and virtual reality applications such as Second Life.This traditional tribute memorial combines both the physical and virtual with a 7 minute video touring some of the hundreds of Second Life tributes to Michael Jackson. Streaming along the bottom of the screen are the sensationalized headlines which appeared, and continue to appear, on Ending with paparazzi footage of Michael in the last month of his life, we are both voyeur and sympathiser as we watch a lonely figure being hunted and trapped by a mob of ever-persistent cameramen who feed the frenzy that surrounded him in life, and now in death.

    “Michael Jackson kept his most stunning performance for the very end. Always able to command an audience, he knew how to bring whole arenas to fits of exultation with his moves and then silence them to the point of tears with his poetry. He was brilliant, excessive, maudlin, tacky and possibly criminal, but you could never ignore him. So it was fitting that in death, he momentarily silenced the largest arena humanity has ever known, the Internet.” TIME MAGAZINE, JULY 2009

    Join us for one of Don’t Look’s final exhibitions!

    What: Forever Michael (Sin City)
    Who: Georgie Roxby Smith
    Where: Don’t Look Gallery, 419 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill, Sydney, Australia
    (a block back from the corner of New Canterbury Rd and Marrickville Rd).
    When: Opening — Wednesday 9 December, 6.oopm
    (see the exhibition for the next ten days through the front window)
    Contact:, Greg -0401 152 434

  • SPINAL TAP releases New Short Film exclusively On iTunes

    In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the cult classic film “This is Spinal Tap”, Shorts International and INgrooves have released SPINAL TAP‘s new short film, “Stonehenge: ‘Tis A Magic Place”. The film is available to download exclusively from iTunes for $1.99.

    The seven-minute short marks iTunes‘ first original film, where SPINAL TAP, having put Stonehenge on the map in their legendary song about the world heritage site, pay their first visit to the monument. As if drawn by some primal, magnetic force, Nigel Tufnel, David St. Hubbins and Derek Smalls set out on a pilgrimage to this ancient site. The silent song of these mysterious lithic Sirens inspires the distinguished artistes to make a trans-generational house-call.

    iTunes is featuring “Stonehenge: ‘Tis A Magic Place” alongside the original “This is Spinal Tap” film, available digitally in HD for the first time, as well as all three of the band’s albums including their new “Back from the Dead”.

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  • Beautiful Waste the poems of David McComb

    Brilliant songwriter and lead singer of the Triffids, David McComb, died in 1999 at the age of 36 leaving behind a legacy of evocative music. Always more than a pop musician, McComb was a perceptive poet who explored and confronted addiction, pop culture, the colloquial and the metaphysical.

    Collected and published for the first time, this is the poetry McComb wrote during his 20s and 30s when the Triffids’ musical output was at its height.

    Introduced by renowned poet John Kinsella, the poems will delight fans of popular music and contemporary poetry alike. Beautiful Waste illuminates a hitherto neglected aspect of McComb’s creative brilliance.

    Fremantle Press and Fremantle Arts Centre will launch Beautiful Waste: Poems by David McComb and Vagabond Holes: David McComb and The Triffids.

    Readings of David MComb’s poetry by John Kinsella.

    Music by Jill Birt, Martyn P. Casey and Alsy MacDonald.

    Special guests: The Morning Night.

    Fremantle Arts Centre, Thurs 10 September, 2009
    Doors open @ 6pm.
    1 Finnerty St
    Fremantle, WA Australia

    The newly published collections Beautiful Waste: Poems by David McComb and Vagabond Holes: David McComb and The Triffids, both edited by Chris Coughran and Niall Lucy, are available direct from the publisher, Fremantle Press, and from leading booksellers. Both books will also be available for sale on the night.

    Media inquiries: Claire Miller /

  • Jane’s Addiction cancel Australian Tour

    Cult American band Jane’s Addiction, whose rocky history has been marred by infighting, break-ups and controversy, have suddenly cancelled their Australian tour, citing the hospitalisation of drummer Stephen Perkins.

    According to a statement from their Australian tour promoter, Blue Murder, Perkins has been admitted to the the Infectious Disease Ward at Cedar’s-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles for treatment of an infection in his elbow.

    Souli Phrachanh, a spokesperson for Blue Murder, said the band’s management informed them of the decision at 3am this morning.

    The original line-up of the band was on its first world tour in 17 years and were scheduled to headline the Splendour in the Grass music festival at Byron Bay tomorrow, as well as playing gigs in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

    More from the SMH

  • Michael Jackson to be buried without his brain

    Michael Jackson will be buried without his brain after doctors retained it following an autopsy to help determine the cause of death.


    Jackson died from an apparent cardiac arrest on 25 June. Though his body was released the next day to relatives, his brain was not. The pop star’s inert brain must “harden” for at least two weeks before doctors can conduct their neuropathology tests.

    Doctors will examine Jackson’s brain to help determine the cause of death, suspected of being linked to painkillers. Such examinations can also reveal unknown diseases, evidence of alcohol abuse or whether Jackson has suffered overdoses in the past.

    Removing the brain is the “only way to carry out the tests” according to a source for the Mirror. “The tissue has to be examined. I can’t tell you how long that is going to take.”

    Source: The Guardian UK