11 AM | 29 Mar

Australian Ray Collins #surf & #ocean #photographer – the best at what he does! [#geekgirl]

Photographer Ray Collins is the man behind these amazing water images, which seem to capture the wave’s most crucial moment, just before it crashes and sinks back into the water. Collins bought his camera in 2007 with the hopes of shooting his surfer friends, but quickly found that he had a knack for photographing the water. His photos have been so successful, in fact, that they have been used in international campaigns for National Geographic, Patagonia, and Apple.

LifeBuzz has sourced images from Collins’ website, along with a short film entitled “SeaStills,” which Collins describes as a “film about what drives him to create.” Prepare to see the ocean in a way you’ve never seen it before

Source: LifeBuzz

05 AM | 03 Jan

Beth Moon’s 14-Year Quest to #Photograph the World’s Most Majestic #Trees [#geekgirl]

Criss-crossing the world with stops on almost every continent, San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon  spent the last 14 years seeking out some of the largest, rarest, and oldest trees on Earth to capture with her camera. Moon develops her exhibition prints with a platinum/palladium process, an extremely labor-intensive and rare practice resulting in prints with tremendous tonal range that are durable enough to rival the longitivity of her subjects, potentially lasting thousands of years. Moon’s collected work of 60 duotone prints were recently published in a new book titled Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time

Bufflesdrift Baobab

Bufflesdrift Baobab

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