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  • “Squarepusher × Z-MACHINES” [#geekgirl]


    [From the youtube description] “Referred to as “an attempt to break new ground for emotional machine music” by its composer Squarepusher, “Sad Robot Goes Funny” features the superhuman prowess of Z-MACHINES, showcasing in particular the stupendous chops of the guitarist playing multiple melody lines with 78 fingers and 12 picks at lightning speed in the latter half of the song. This makes it a truly groundbreaking piece of music from Squarepusher to open the way for new music of the future.”

  • #DARPA Robotics Challenge: 1st Phase [#geekgirl]

    DARPA Bots

    [As reported by] “Remember that big DARPA Robotics Challenge for humanoid robots that we posted about in October 2012? The first phase, known as the Virtual Robotics Challenge, is now complete. Tim Smith over at the Open Source Robotics Foundation has got a new post up about the results. The quick version is that 26 teams from 8 countries qualified for the VRC and based on the result, DARPA has selected a total of 9 teams to move on to the the next phase which will involve physical robots.”

  • Warrior Web Demonstration [#geekgirl]

    A Soldier carries a 61-pound load while walking in a prototype DARPA Warrior Web system during an independent evaluation by the U.S. Army. Full story at

  • Well This Certainly Puts Our New #Exoskeletal Overlords in a New Light [#geekgirl]

    Exoskeletal Suit For Kids

    …turns out they’ll all be littleuns [+ I thought Ripley's Exoskeleton-esque Power Loader suit was bangin']!

  • If #Minecraft and #Tetris had #Robot Babies…. [#geekgirl]

    Soft Robot Evolution

    Soft Robot Evolution

    [So evidently if Tetris and Minecraft had multiple Soft Robot babies, they'd all evolve just like this. Awwwwww.]

  • Meet #KUBI [#geekgirl]

    [Via @fuldog]

  • Wade Marynowsky – MOFO 2013 #robots #art #geekgirl

    Wade Marynowsky

    Wade Marynowsky

    Dr. Wade Marynowsky is a Sydney-based artist working at the forefront of art and technology to develop new audience experiences. His robotic/media installations combine “artificial life” and “live art”, causing technology to perform within a system of programmed parameters that allow the work to continually unfold and evolve.


    For MOFO 2013, Wade presents a solo exhibition Black Casino, which involves re-purposing a number of bass guitars into a “Wheel of Fortune” – a five-pointed star, or pentagram, which is used as a symbol of faith by Wiccans and neo-Pagans. This pentagram depicts Diabolous in musica: the tri-tone musical interval used since the 18th century as the signature of the devil.

    What ideas provide your greatest creative inspiration?

    Life, Uncanny automatons and poetic machines that question what it is to be alive

    Name three musicians to play at your dream festival?

    Astrud Gilberto, Immortal, Crystal Castles.

    Which artist shakes you to the core?

    Johnny Rotten.
    What is the most widely circulated untruth about you?

    That I am a humanoid robot.

    Is talent important? Do you have any?

    Talent is useless without drive and dedication, no one knows if they have it or not but they believe they do, it’s a gamble and creativity is the courage to take the risk.

    What or who is the greatest love of your life?

    My bed, for it holds all my dreams.

    Do you make art because you have to or because you can’t do anything else?

    I get cranky and frustrated if I can’t make art, I had a fulltime job once; it almost killed me. Luckily I could write applications whilst there to leave and continue practicing. I can’t do anything else now.

    If Hollywood made a movie about you what would be the title?

    Wade Marynowsky, Drunken Master or Uncanny Automaton?

    Where would you like to spend your last days on Earth?

    Boating around and lushing about on tropical pacific islands in the barrier reef or somewhere just as nice but more exotic, perhaps the Greek islands. A series of debaucherous parties would be attended and dinning at the best Japanese restaurants would be a part of the festivities.

    How would you like to die?

    In the arms of my lover or sky diving or both at the same time.

    Where: CAST Gallery, Tasma Street, North Hobart, throughout MOFO, opening January 15 at 6pm.
    CAST will be open from midday – 5 pm for the duration of the festival. The exhibition will continue until Sunday 3 February.

  • Hello Bob’s Big Boy! Robot paintings by Antoine Toniolo #arts #robots #Melbourne #geekgirl



    What a lovely invitation from Antoine Toniolo…

    “Having illustrated the childrens book (soon to be a play) “Professor Willoughby’s Last Robot“ I have dived back into the depths of robot mania to produce a show at the Ochre Gallery in Collingwood. The opening is April 19th 6pm. Come along and share my passion for robots.”

    Invite to Hello Bob’s Big Boy
    32-34 Wellington St, Collingwood Vic Australia 
    open: wed – fri 10-6 sat + sun 11-5 

  • love the robots: live robotics [putting this one in my diary] #Brisbane #robots #geekgirl

    _love the robots :: Live Robotics Theatre at The Edge, Brisbane_
    _Performance 2.00 – 5.00pm 28 January 2012 :: Live Streaming at _

    _love the robots _is a showcase combining media art, workshop, network
    performance, informal lecture and discussion centered around the theme of
    robots, contemporary art, culture and society. The hybrid format combines
    practice, theory and an exhibition showcase, serving as a catalyst for an
    international network of collaborations and contacts among local and
    international artists and audiences.The _love the robots _event encourages
    diverse creative and artistic approaches to the presentation, process,
    production and practice of contemporary robotics, audience engagement and
    community building. Artists will present live and via remote
    participation. The performance will also be streamed live on the internet
    to allow participation by audiences outside of Brisbane.


  • Melbourne Mini Maker Faire – follow up for bits, bobs and knobs. #steampunk #hackers #robogals #arduino #geekgirl

    The atrium at Swinburne Jan 14th, (2012) for Melbourne Mini Maker Faire was bursting with busy people making ‘things’. Cardboard boxes were de rigueur: so were peeps travelling from one session to another like industrious ants scurrying to erect a new home. Such are the vicissitudes of people who make things – synapses crammed with crafty ideas and soldered attitudes. It was a pretty good arvo, with all ages and sexes, from whack to knack, hackers to robogals! Here are just a few of things I discovered: plus I now know I really want a 3D printer, and that red teapot (or any teapot) made by @atosha.

    My name is Atosha McCaw and I am a graphic designer. I work for a trade union. I am also one of the founding directors of Creative Unions,, a not for profit aimed at improving the level and reputation of graphic design in trade unions.

    Prof. Uncle Festa
    Steampunk Inventions
    - Inventor – Explorer – Artist – Philosopher
    I grew up with steam trains, well model ones at least. Some of my earliest memories are of beautiful old trains roaring around a track, and a live steam engine making a wheel turn rapidly. Very exciting! And then along came Michael Moorcock’s great book “Warlord of the Air” which I read in about 1974 at the ripe old age of 14. Then I got fully into cyberpunk novels and the whole cyberpunk role-playing and sub-culture in the 90s.

    Jump forward to Neal Stephenson’s “Diamond Age” in the late 90s and I was fully hooked on what became known as Steampunk. I’ve always made things rather than buy them where possible, from a very simple mechanical computer in the mid 70s, through to a kit computer in late 70s, to a fish-pond recycling system last year, and along the way various steampunk things. Well I’ve missed out 20 years of various cyberpunk and steampunky things, but I’ll show some on this site…stayed tuned old chaps and ladies.

    Freetronics designs, sells and supports a range of flexible, easy to use Arduino-compatible boards and modules (right here in Melbourne). Arduino is the most popular microcontroller board in the world/ It’s been used to make robots, home automation gadgets, automotive projects, for sensing and controlling lights, motors, locks and servos, sound and video, interative objects like animated sculptures, toys and games, radio link and just about anything else you can dream up!

    Hack melbourne
    Connected Community HackerSpace
    Next meetup CCHS
    Tuesday general meeting
    Tue, 31 January, 18:00 – 22:00
    Camberwell, Victoria
    General meeting, open to all.
    Email AndyG at Geekscape or Twitter DM @geekscape for specifics.

    Humanity+ @Melbourne with Aubrey de Grey
    (picked up a flyer)
    Aubrey de Grey has seen much attention about his theories on robust rejuvenation.

    Here is an article in the Age in 2005:

    “With the right engineering and maintenance, humans can live until they are 1000″, says Aubrey de Grey. John Elder investigates.

    AUBREY DE GREY looks like a scrawny Ned Kelly, with his beer-catching beard and red-rimmed eyes, a thriving survivor of the long past. His name suggests someone born a long time ago. Maybe it’s a name that will come back in vogue hundreds of years hence?

    Dr Aubrey de Grey — despite his love of ale and junk food — hopes to be there, walking around in that far-away future. De Grey says he knows what is required to cure ageing.”

    See Aubrey speak at Humanity+, 5 -6 May 2012 — Location to be announced.

    Squarebit is an online store stocking useful electronic bits for students, hobbyists, hackers, experts and anyone else interested in learning about electronics!

    robogals Melbourne
    Robogals is an International, student-run, organisation whose goal is to increase the number of females pursuing engineering in their tertiary studies and in their careers.