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  • #Antimedia by Florian Cramer [#geekgirl]

    Anti-Media by Florian Cramer

    “Anti-Media” Book Cover

    “The Cover of Florian Cramer’s new book is, in short, beautiful (and us posting this here has *absolutely nothing* to do with the fact he devotes an entire section of the book to discussing a work by our Creative Director…*cough*…).”

  • Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits [#geekgirl] [#misshack]

    Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits

    Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits

    Big day today: it’s the opening of our “Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits (NAF:TMFC)” which is a “…durational event including symposia, exhibition, performances, workshops and social gatherings that will take place in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 31 May – 30 June 2013 at Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania (CAST) and on the Internet.” See the schedule here – of note are Florian Cramer’s keynote, contribs by Josephine Bosma and Matthew Fuller plus workshops by Julian Oliver + Danja Vasiliev [oh + some weird "txtual coding sheete" by someone called netwurker?;)]

  • #Relativity Paradox [#geekgirl]


    Gamma Reloaded

    Gamma Reloaded

    A fabulous video summation regarding just what happens when travelling near [approaching] the speed of light.

  • The #TED-O-Matic [#geekgirl]


    Via Vanity Fair [ Bruce Feirstein + Walter C. Baumann]

  • Pussy Riot – how a balaclava and t-shirt is set to change Russia #pussyriot #news #geekgirl



    August 17. Lots of scuffles in Russia outside the court as protestors gathered to express their anger at the two year jail sentence of punk rock band Pussy Riot. Amnesty International calls it a bitter blow for freedom of expression in Russia.

    “The judge sentenced them to two years’ imprisonment in a penal colony. The lawyers for the three said they were planning to appeal the decision.

    Amnesty International said it believed that the trial of the Pussy Riot defendants – Maria Alekhina, Ekaterina Samutsevich and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova – was politically motivated, and that they were wrongfully prosecuted for what was a legitimate – if potentially offensive – protest action.”

    Many agree and as International support for the band continues to grow momentum, those inside Russia are also fueled with indignation.Russia has it,s own stars including chess great Garry Kasparov who as a protestor was detained and (allegedly) beaten for his support.

    While newspapers all around the world try valiantly to educate their readers on the history of punk feminism. None are doing it better atm than Wikipedia for a consolidated review of the band’s influences:



    “The group’s costumes are usually brightly colored dresses and tights, even in bitterly cold weather, with their faces masked by balaclavas, both while performing and giving interviews, for which they always adopt pseudonyms. The collective comprises around 10 performers and about 15 people who handle the technical work of shooting and editing their videos, which are posted on the Internet. The group cites punk rock and Oi! bands Angelic Upstarts, Cockney Rejects, Sham 69 and The 4-Skins as their main musical influences.
    The band also cite American punk rock band Bikini Kill and the Riot grrrl movement of the 1990s as inspirations. They have said, “What we have in common is impudence, politically loaded lyrics, the importance of feminist discourse and a non-standard female image.”

    Personally, I think it’s a shame poor Malcolm McLaren isn’t still with us to really milk the cash cow of Punk paraphernalia now available. Oh well what the fuck, check it out starting with a great compendium of artist support.

    ps: t-shirts out of $tock!! go (con)figure

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