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“Men should be allowed to express cuteness, prettiness or emotional vulnerability if they want,” Hileman said. “Cybertwee’s culture is anti-sexism, so while obviously it’s not going to be for everyone, as not all people are especially feminine, if some more masculine people can resonate with us and open up to our ideas, perhaps we can find ways to bring more women into the tech world or find ways to narrow wage gaps together. ”

Hileman, Waver and Forest (the 3 founders of cybertwee) are now in the process of curating their first juried show in their ‘Cybertwee Headquarters’, a virtual gallery that will be accessible to everyone via a custom-built app. But they don’t rule out the possibility that future work could be shown in the physical world, though all of them shrug off the idea that showing art in a virtual location is fundamentally different from one in an actual gallery. “We’d like to get away from the notion that there is a separation between ‘real life’ and ‘digital life,'” Waver said.

Source and full article: Broadly

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#ASCI #Biodiversity / #Extinction #Exhibition :: Call for Work :: #artsci [#geekgirl]


Apply by 23 August 2015

Science Inspires Art: Biodiversity/Extinction’ will be the 17th international juried art-sci exhibition organised by ASCI, and will be held in New York from 10 October 2015 – 28 February 2016. People are beginning to understand the importance of the conservation of Earth’s biodiversity for more than its innate beauty, capacity to inspire art and its ability to lift our spirits.

Scientists around the world recognise biodiversity as the key indicator of the health of our planet’s ecosystems. This exhibition aims to demonstrate the wide diversity of visual tropes that today’s artists are employing to reflect upon the crisis of biodiversity loss and species extinction, and is calling for images of original art executed in any media.


Source: ANAT

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Mind-Reading #Computer Writes Words with #Brain Waves [#geekgirl]

photo credit: 3D illustration of cables connected to brain, mind control concept. vasabii/Shutterstock

Imagine a world in which authors can write books in days, not months, using only the power of their minds. This hands-free future could be around the corner: scientists have created software that hooks up to your brainwaves and transcribes whatever you’re thinking.

Brain-to-Text is the software behind this futuristic, sci-fi-style concept. It has the potential to transform the lives of those who have lost the ability to communicate effectively. Stephen Hawking, for example, often has to scroll through letters of the alphabet one at a time while typing out messages. As you can imagine, the process is slow and laborious. Software like Brain-to-Text could therefore be life-changing.

Source: IFL Science