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  • Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation [#geekgirl]

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  • Banksy sets up a street market stall then sells his works for $60 each

  • Definition of an Introvert [#geekgirl]

    "Introvert" by AnimatedCookiePeople

    “Introvert” by AnimatedCookiePeople

  • #Sharknado Attacks! [#geekgirl]


  • #PhotoYOLO: “One photo a day in your inbox, from a friend you just haven’t met yet” [#geekgirl]


    “A subscriber is chosen each day to share one photo they’ve taken with the world. What will you share? Get one photo a day. PhotoYOLO is inspired by The Listserve, a lottery where the winner gets the opportunity to write something and share it with the world. I believe that photos can tell stories too, here’s your chance to tell yours.”

  • #Antimedia by Florian Cramer [#geekgirl]

    Anti-Media by Florian Cramer

    “Anti-Media” Book Cover

    “The Cover of Florian Cramer’s new book is, in short, beautiful (and us posting this here has *absolutely nothing* to do with the fact he devotes an entire section of the book to discussing a work by our Creative Director…*cough*…).”

  • When a Good #Rhythm Can also Be a Bad Rhythm – A Story of Bug #Communication [#geekgirl]

    “Substrate-borne sound (vibrational) communication is used by more than 200,000 arthropod species, most of which communicate on plants. In nature animals often communicate in situations when several individuals emit signals at the same time. For animals communicating acoustically, in such situations the problem of perceiving signals is equivalent to the human “cocktail party problem” formulated as: “How do we recognize what one person is saying when others are speaking at the same time?” However, for animals the problem is compounded by signals of other species present in the same environment. In many insects song rhythm is the most crucial parameter for mate recognition. While on one hand species-specific temporal pattern enables partners to find each other, on the other hand relying exclusively on song rhythm often leads to identification errors, when songs from several singing individuals combine to form an unattractive rhythm.

    Meta Virant-Doberlet works as Sciences Councillor at the Department of Entomology at the National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana. She completed her studies and Ph.D. in biology at the University of Ljubljana. As a Ph.D. student she worked at the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Seewiesen and recently she held a senior Marie Curie Fellowship at Cardiff University. Her main research is on insect vibrational communication with a particular focus on vibrational communication networks. Meta Virant-Doberlet has published articles in several journals, for instance, “Duetting Behavior in the Leafhopper Aphrodes makarovi” (with M. de Groot et al., 2012); “Exploitation of Insect Vibrational Signals Reveals a New Method of Pest Management” (with A. Eriksson et al., 2012); “Species Identity Cues: Possibilities for Errors During Vibrational Communication on Plant Stems” (with M. de Groot et al., 2011).”

  • Save the Rat! [#NSFW] [#geekgirl]

    SAVE THE RAT from Red Rattler Theatre.

    Help this independent, not-for-profit, performance space buy 40% of the building it lives in.

    Watch the evolution of the Rat from empty warehouse to creative playground as one of the 5 founders, Teresa Avila, shares the story of the Red Rattler and why it needs your help at

    The Red Rattler Theatre is a community-based venue and artists’ studios. The Theatre operates on a not-for-profit basis.

    The Red Rattler Theatre is a creative playground for performers, musicians, artists, designers, multi-media makers, experimentalists, film-makers, theorists, activists, collective organisers, and local punters. It is fitted with a full PA, stage, LED lighting rig, projector and screen, licensed bar, three non-residential artist studios, and a rooftop garden.

    Save the Rat!

    Save the Rat!