01 PM | 17 May

#Kickstarter project to back #FLUIDØ a film set in the post-AIDS future of 2060 #aids [#geekgirl]

FLUIDØ is VIRUS, SEX, HACK, DRUG & CONSPIRACY. Shu Lea Cheang, director of cyperpunk classic I.K.U., is set to direct FLUIDØ in Berlin

FLUIDØ is set in the post-AIDS future of 2060, where the government is the first to declare the era AIDS FREE. The mutated AIDS viruses give birth to humans that have genetically evolved in a very unique way. These so called ZERO GENs are gender fluid humans. They are bio-drug carriers, as their white fluid is the hyper narcotic for the 21st century, taking over the markets of the 20th century white powder high. Their ejaculate is intoxicating and the new form of sexual commodity in the future. The new drug, code named DELTA, diffuses through skin contact and creates an addictive high.

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