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  • Beautiful Chemical Reactions [#geekgirl]

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    Beautiful Chemical Reactions from L2 Molecule on Vimeo.

  • A Hologram vs David Letterman [#geekgirl]

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  • “Susan G. Komen Partners With Global Fracking Corporation…” [#geekgirl]

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    [From this press release by Breast Cancer Action] ‘Breast Cancer Action today thanked Susan G. Komen and Baker Hughes for partnering on the most ludicrous piece of pink sh*t they’ve seen all year– 1,000 shiny pink drill bits. BCAction hailed this partnership as the most egregious example of “pinkwashing” they’ve ever seen and heartily lauded Komen and Baker Hughes for doing their bit to increase women’s risk of breast cancer with their toxic fracking chemicals.

    BCAction commended Baker Hughes and Komen for their ingenious pinkwashing profit cycle, whereby Baker Hughes helps fuel breast cancer while Komen raises millions of dollars to try to cure it.

    “With all the toxic chemicals Baker Hughes is pumping into the ground, we thought they didn’t care about women’s health. However, this partnership with Komen makes it clear where both organizations stand on this issue,” said Karuna Jaggar, executive director of Breast Cancer Action.

    Breast Cancer Action coined the term pinkwashing as part of their Think Before You Pink® campaign to describe a company or organization that claims to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink ribbon product, but also produces, manufactures and/or sells products linked to the disease. Over 700 chemicals are commonly used in the process of drilling and fracking for oil and gas. At least 25% of these chemicals increase our risk of cancer.

    “Komen has been notably absent from all discussions about fracking and breast cancer, but with these pink drill bits they are thrusting this issue onto the national stage,” Jaggar said. “Now people will learn how fracking relies on carcinogens like formaldehyde and benzene. Personally, I love a good dose of benzene with my pink ribbon.”’

  • Game On! [2014 TippingPoint Australia Forum] [#geekgirl]

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    [Via Tipping Point Australia]

    [Via Tipping Point Australia]

    “Building on TippingPoint Australia’s expertise in creating gatherings for artists, scientists and others to respond to the issue of climate change, Game on! proposes a new approach to navigating the high roads and the dead ends that abound as the impacts of climate change become more visible. We know what the problem is, how hairy it is, and how depressing it is and we know how we got here.  Now let’s do something about it.

    Game on!  is part forum, part game, part collaborative action planning, a chance to develop your ideas that are contributing  to the seismic cultural shift we’ll need for a future we want. Bring your projects, problems and prototypes and together we can find solutions, develop action plan, meet new collaborators and project partners. What are you working on that other people can jump in on? What do you have to offer (time, energy, skills,knowledge)?

    Dynamically facilitated by Matt Wicking and Angharad Wynne-Jones, with a master game maker – Harry Lee, and filled to the brim, (but not overstuffed) with artists, curators, scientists, futurists, gamers, activists, environmental professionals, technologists, designers, producers, pragmatists and optimists, Game On! is an opportunity to make up our minds to do something. Together.

    We would love you and your ideas and expertise to be in the room so we are keeping a place at the table for you. Please ensure your place by making a contribution of $20 before September 30th to cover the cost of delicious lunch which will be provided on the day.

    Register HERE.

    Once registered, please click HERE TO SUBMIT your project ideas and biography.”

  • “How to turn an entire room into a #gaming surface…” [#geekgirl]

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  • Work with the Performance Space [#geekgirl]

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    [Image via The Performance Space]

    [Image via The Performance Space]


    Email for more information on how to volunteer for Performance Space.

    Performance Space is committed to equality and diversity, through our program of activities and as an employer.  Our practices and procedures aim to reflect the varied needs, expectations and culture of all members of our community. We make every effort to ensure that no member of the community receives less favourable treatment in our recruitment or when accessing our services on the grounds of gender, gender identity, disability, race, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation.”

  • “A special TWIN PEAKS announcement…” [#geekgirl]

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  • The Styx from Skullmapping [#geekgirl]

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    The Styx from Skullmapping on Vimeo.

    With ‘The Styx’, Skullmapping is venturing in a new direction. By using the technical knowledge build up in our mapping projects, we’ve decided to create an immersive multi sensoric virtual reality experience.
    ‘The Styx’ is being developed for ‘Leuven in Scène’ and will have it’s premiere on 11, 12 and 13 july 2014.

    Spectators arrive one by one at a predetermined time at the venue. At the entrance, the spectator receives a golden coin. A guide comes to pick them up and guides them into the room. The spectator takes place on a wooden bench and puts on an Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality Headset) and headphones, holding the coin in one hand. The viewer is able to look around 360 degrees in a virtual environment. Because of stereoscopy the spectator has the feeling that they are actually in that virtual world. Not only through 3D vision and 3D sound, but also through other sensoric experiences such as smell and touch.
    The story we bring is based on the myth of the Styx, the river in Greek mythology that formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld. The spectator sinks down into the underground and ‘awakens’ next to a pier seated in a small boat. A mysterious figure (Charon) walks down the pier and jumps into the boat. He takes the coin the spectator is holding (the action of the virtual character is mimicked by the guide). Charon starts to row down the Styx, into the Underworld. He steers through a labyrinth of caves, overcoming unexpected obstacles, such as rapids and even a mythical creature. After these dark endeavours, we finally arrive in a peaceful, heavenly world. The little boat strands on a beach, and we’ve reached the end of our journey.

    Concept / Design / Animation: Antoon Verbeeck + Filip Sterckx
    Sounddesign: Valentijn Steenhoudt
    Camera: Pierre Schreuder
    Commissioned by Leuven in Scène

  • “Ed: A Work in Progress” [#geekgirl]

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  • “SPARKED: A Live #Interaction Between Humans and #Quadcopters” [#geekgirl]

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