09 PM | 13 Dec

Veronica Vasicka #DJ Set [#geekgirl]

Veronica Vasicka is a photographer, musician, DJ and founder of the epic record label and online music resource Minimal Wave. As one of the founding members of East Village Radio, she managed the station during its pirate days and began collecting obscure and long forgotten gems that fell somewhere between the Cold Wave, Post-Punk, Industrial and Synth-pop genres. Not knowing what to classify these bands as, she coined the genre Minimal Wave and set up the website minimalwave.com as an online resource to share her finds with the rest of the world.

11 AM | 17 Nov

Free Love – Bones #pagangoodness #music #video [#geekgirl]

“A lovely new release on the Glaswegian Optimo label by a slightly awfully named group called Free Love. Get past the name and cover art, and you’ll get a lovely collection of tracks that sound like a Balearic version of Broadcast. Their ‘single’ (these days I think that just means the track they made a music video for) called Bones is pretty much what you’d expect if you dropped a Broadcast acapella over the top of a DJ Pierre acid track. The video is all Midsommar-esque ritual magick and, well just go watch it. And there we are, back at the start again”

source: Seb Chan from his excellent column Fresh and New #29 Multi-sensorial memories & seamful-ness post (subscribe y’all)

Also: thanks for the Tyler Russo lead, weird video shit akin to what we did in the late 80s early 90’s./GG