01 PM | 06 Jul

‘Waba’ is a #Virtual #Pet That Aims to Wobble Your Heartstrings #VR #Game [#geekgirl]

Coming to Oculus and Vive on July 10th!

Waba is an interactive character, empathy simulator, and virtual pet for VR. Waba wobbles when you touch him (her?), and s/he’ll also wobble your heartstrings. Waba was developed for controller-based VR with the goal of creating a special form of interactivity and presence that can only exist within the medium of virtual reality.

You can pet Waba, stretch Waba, feed Waba, put waba to sleep, and play fetch together!

Go to http://waba.pet/ to sign up for email updates.

Steam Store Page https://store.steampowered.com/app/418940/Waba/

04 PM | 10 Jun

Juliana Daugherty – Light #soundcloud [#geekgirl]

Bandcamp julianadaugherty.bandcamp.com/

It’s hard to imagine that Juliana Daugherty’s softness and subtlety could materialize amid the tumult of current-day Charlottesville, VA, but every mode of being continues in the people of Charlottesville, as it does elsewhere, despite the impressions headlines might give. Despite the societal ills that dominate our screens, private struggles still exist, and Daugherty’s debut Light gives them palatable, manageable, and satisfying form.

“I wrote this record partly to strip mental illness of its power,” Daugherty says. She adds, “There is nothing useful or beautiful to be gleaned from the experience of depression.” Though this statement seems contrary to the romantic tone of Light, it’s refreshing to hear an artist speak of their own depression with objectivity, unwilling to be charmed by the gloom. Daugherty wields her songcraft like a sword, not a diary to be buried in a drawer.