03 PM | 16 Jan

#Robotic #Spider #Fashion #Couture [#geekgirl]

This is going back a few years, but it still is pretty cool. A little early to be calling it retro, but just goes to show that fashion forward thinking has been around for a while now. Hopefully, arachnophobics will still enjoy the design. Then again, perhaps not :)

Exploration within the realms of robotic dresses; a spider dress gave birth. A cute little host creature created by fashiontech designer ANOUK WIPPRECHT and hacker & engineer DANIEL SCHATZMAYR – A prototype of a mechanic dress equipped with sensors indicators and controllers, created with the aim to give more power and ‘psychological thrills’ to the sugar sweet character that performative wearables often have. Sensoric, servo controlled, mechanic, microcontroller based and reacting//attacking upon approach, inspired by the game LIMBO.

Presented during VIVE LE ROBOTS / Cafe Neue Romance in Prague during the EU Robotics week NOVEMBER 2012 and prototyped during TEDX Vienna in collaboration with the ‘METALAB’ – Vienna’s famous hackerspace. And with the use of black plexiglass by EVONIK industries (Germany)

MOVIE CREDITS – model BARBORA RIHAK | make up artist LINDA CHUDOMELOVA | shot in PRAGUE, official photoshoot by MOJMIR BURES video shots and edit by Anouk Wipprecht

02 PM | 05 Jan

FKA Twigs – Water Me – <3 the track @FKAtwigs #musicvideo [#geekgirl]

Tahliah Debrett Barnett (born 16 January 1988), known by the stage name FKA Twigs (stylised as FKA twigs), is an English singer, songwriter, record producer, director and dancer. Raised in Gloucestershire, she became a backup dancer after moving to south London when she was 17 years old. She entered the music industry with the release of her extended plays EP1 (2012) and EP2 (2013).

Her debut studio album LP1 (2014) was released to critical acclaim, peaking at number 16 on the UK Albums Chart and number 30 on the US Billboard 200. It was later nominated for the 2014 Mercury Prize. She released the M3LL155X EP in 2015 to further critical praise. She toured and worked hard throughout 2016 and there are rumours of an Australian tour in 2017.

Her work has been described as “genre-bending”, drawing on various genres including electronic music, punk, R&B, and the avant-garde.

Source: Wikipedia


01 PM | 05 Jan

#Vigalantee #musicvideo – Hands in the Air -#FBOE [#geekgirl]

Roger Suggs, better known as the rapper Vigalantee, is an emcee, speaker, and social activist based in Kansas City, Kansas. Through his music and activism, Vigalantee has been involved in crusading for human, civil, and labor rights, as well as several outreach programs designed to keep area youths out of prison. Vigalantee owns PhatAhDat Records, an independent label. He has stated in interviews that he took the name “Vigalantee” from the comic book character, Spider-Man, who attempts to help people but is still constantly under the threat of arrest from the police.

FBOE (Fringe Benefits of Education) is the organisation created by Vigalantee that offers Kansas kids programs to stay in school and/or have access to education. He’s a cool guy and this is a killer track.