02 PM | 19 May

Temple Of The Dog – Hunger strike #video [#geekgirl]

Music video by Temple Of The Dog performing Hunger Strike.

I don’t mind stealing bread From the mouth of decadence But I can’t feed on the powerless When my cup’s already over-filled But it’s on the table.

The fire’s cooking. And they’re farming babies While the slaves are all working. Blood is on the table. The mouths are choking

And I’m going hungry I’m going hungry [Repeat: x3]

Source: YouTube

10 AM | 18 May

The Future Sausage #video presented by Carolien Niebling [#geekgirl]

In the future, the consumption of meat should be reduced, while the diversity of ingredients in our diets should be increased. For this project, a molecular chef, a master butcher and a designer have teamed up to look into sausage production techniques and future potential ingredients to design The Future Sausage.

Kickstarter campaign complete, so you will have to look out for it on general release. Or. follow Carolien’s blog

I’m also in touch with her so email me for more info at ggATgeekgirlDotComDotAU


10 AM | 18 May

#Sustainable #skateboards made from #hemp #video [#geekgirl]

These unique skateboard decks are made of hemp natural fibres. Designed for cruising, these boards were built for the future.

Rolkaz hemp skateboards are innovating around how skateboard decks are made. Promising high quality, ultimate performance and unique sustainability, these hemp skateboards are crafted with the belief that skateboarding and the care for the planet should go hand in hand.

The founders, the Rolkaz Collective, are committed to raising awareness on more sustainable materials and responsible board-making processes. When they discovered the great properties of hemp and flax fibres, they challenged themselves to create a skateboard with that extra feel good quality – one that drives positive change.

Source: Design Indaba

Kickstarter Campaign

04 PM | 07 May

Open Call – #Mycelium Network Society #transmediale2017 deadline 20/05/17 [#geekgirl]


Mycelium Network Society is an underground network imagination powered by fungus, spores, culture, kitchen, radio, transmission, installations, workshops and performances.

Mycelium Network Society, a brand new network initiative situated in a post-internet mudland, diverts the pursuit of the magic mushroom, from a state of hyper-hallucination to collective fungal consciousness, and investigates the fungi culture, its network capacity to communicate and process information. The mushroom as a commodity, a medium, an element, commands its own domain in human-disturbed forests. Sprouting across the moisture of rich soils, expanding its colonies, sharing informations, networking co-habitants, the mycelium is ordained by Paul Stamets as “the neurological network of nature.” In this post-digital, post-media, post-internet, post-enlightenment phase of current-day investigation into cultural practices, Mycelium Network Society seeks out mycelium to lead us out of the ruins, to construct political tactics, to salvage economic meltdown. Ultimately at nature’s mercy, the artists / cultural producers strive to convene a nature’s network merging our research in technology, biology, and ecology, persisting in constant molecular communication à la mycelium mode.

Mycelium Network Society is a joint network initiative

Stadtwerkstatt, Linz, Austria, http://stwst.at

Zavod Kersnikova, Ljubljana, Slovania,  http://kapelica.org

cycleX, USA, http://cyclex.info

Residency ELEONORE summer residency, Linz, Austria

Deadline 20/5/17