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The 24/7 “Lifecast” of Justin’s (no not Timberlake’s) life and the foundation of a new platform for live online video. Stay tuned Justin rolls out new channels and new features . You can also chat while watching and its fun! Images break up a lot but you can see this type of site becoming very popular! http://www.justin.tv/

01 AM | 30 May

Artificial Reality and Telexistence

17th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence Supported by ArtAbilitation 2007 November 28-30, 2007 Aalborg University Esbjerg, Denmark

ICAT is the oldest international conference on Virtual Reality and Telexistence. State of the art innovations in the technology are presented alongside novel ways to transfer and express information. Artistic and societal works are also presented via panels, demos and workshops. Researchers are invited to submit papers on novel theories, methods, applications and practices related to Artificial- Augmented- Mixed- Virtual- Realities and Telexistence. Suggested topics are listed over.

Denmark, Esbjerg city and region are delighted to be the host for the 17th ICAT International Conference which in its history has never been outside of Asia/Pacific.

Esbjerg was named as Danish city of the year 2006. The country’s 5th largest city is situated on the beautiful South West Coast of the Jutland peninsula in the middle of the country’s loveliest holiday area on the shores of the North Sea and surrounded by woodlands and parklands. The city is recognized as the GATEWAY TO SCANDINAVIA and is known as an educational Mecca with 11 institutes of higher education. Numerous museums and galleries present international and national works. The local architecture is wondrous -from faithfully restored Viking sites that illustrate the country’s cultural history -to the ultramodern Performing Arts Centre, Musikhuset which was designed by Utzon (architect of the Sydney Opera House, Australia). Legendary seafaring stories can be accessed by visiting the local fisheries museum where visitors can also have ‘close encounters’ with all form of sea life. Excellent opportunities abound in shopping via Denmark’s longest pedestrian street.

Esbjerg is also the ideal starting point for visits to LEGO or the home of the fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen.

The Mayor & the people of Esbjerg look forward to welcoming you to the city.

For further information on ICAT 2007 or ArtAbilitation: info@icat2007.org Anja Hergesell

Call for Papers: – see also www. icat2007.org – Deadline July 1st 2007

07 PM | 29 May

Subjects – wanted

The Effects of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) on electrical brain activity.

The Centre for Intelligent Systems and Complex Process (CISCP) along with the Brain Sciences Institute (BSI) are seeking healthy male participants for research focusing on the effects of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) on electrical brain activity.

Participants who pass inclusion criteria will be asked to participate in a single testing session at the Brain Sciences Institute, where they will be administered variable concentrations of nitrous oxide/oxygen gas mixture. During the inhalation of the gas mixture participants will have their electrical brain activity recorded using electroencephalography (EEG), a non-invasive method which records electrical brain activity from the scalp via a standard cap.

Inclusion Criteria: Between the ages of 20-40 years Male Non-smoker Satisfactory general health No history of psychiatric/mental illness (including epilepsy) No history of medical sleep apnoea (snoring) No history of adverse reaction to Nitrous Oxide No history of regular analgesia or sedation treatments

Nitrous Oxide (N2O): N2O is a colourless gas with a sweet odour and taste. Participants will be administered varying concentrations of N2O, higher concentrations of which may induce nausea or emesis (vomiting) in some cases. N2O has been used as an analgesic and mild anaesthetic in medicine for over 150 years. In more recent times N2O is used as an analgesic in dentistry and  paediatrics.

The popularity of N2O in both sedation and analgesia is testament to the efficacy and safety of this gas.

Please contact Brett Foster for more information: Ph: 9214-5543(w); 0407413583(m) email: bfoster@swin.edu.au