05 PM | 02 Jul

(VIC) Interactacon 2007

Experience sound as a process of interactivity between machine, artist and audience in Jolt’s Interactacon concert. Internationally acclaimed Melbourne-based interactive technology musicians Natasha Anderson, Robin Fox, Jolt and James Hullick will be joined by the musicians of the Amplified Elephant – a sonic art ensemble for musicians with and without an intellectual disability. Together they will present vibrant and visceral Australian and International premieres of compositions created specifically for interactive technology environments. Audiences will be treated to a unique afternoon of state-of-the-art interactivity-generated sound by some of Australia’s premiere artists. Interactacon is the fourth concert in the Jolt cutting-edge music concert series for 2007.

Date: Sunday 26th August Time: 3pm – 4.15pm Venue: 45 Downstairs, large gallery Cost: $10 conc/$15 full Bookings: Mary at SPAN House ph: 03 9480 1364 or email: mary@spanhouse.org

05 PM | 02 Jul

The Post Cinema Experience

(NSW, Online) d/Art/07 – The Post Cinema Experience

d/Art/07 is the tenth anniversary of Australia’s premier screen and digital media arts survey. The exhibition is presented by d/Lux/MediaArts in venues across Australia and online. d/Art07 provides audiences with a sophisticated point of entry to some of the best examples of recent digital media works from Australia and overseas, complimented by a program of on-line and real world screenings, industry discussions, talks and public forums.

This year we examine the increasingly fragmented edges of the digital media world, where device shifting, bandwidth and media distribution technologies are fast becoming the key apparatus of contemporary screen culture.  d/Art07 will also explore multi user online environments such as Second Life, and how artists are penetrating the ‘In World’ to access the new audiences and unique opportunities these spaces offer. Please visit the d/Lux website for more information.

Presented from 13th -29th July, all of the works in the exhibition will be available in five different venues: – The Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney – Chauvel Cinema, Sydney – Revelation Film Festival, Perth – Second Life – Online at www.dlux.org.au/dArt07

05 PM | 02 Jul

Experimenta Playground

Melbourne will be the first city in Australia to display Baby Love, a large public artwork comprising giant coloured teacups that remix lovesongs. Visitors will have the chance to not just view the work but experience it, literally, by riding in the teacups beside giant cloned plastic babies. The artwork is the fantastic creation of Taiwan-born artist, Shu Lea Cheang who will be in Melbourne for the opening of the exhibition on Friday 24 August and will talk as part of a series of free artist talks on Sunday 26 August at 2pm.

Another guest of the exhibition is Keiji Takeuchi. He is one of the artists from Japan who have created Emergency Exit, an artwork that will make you see the ubiquitous signs that surround us in a completely new way.

Experimenta gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Australia China Council for making it possible to bring Baby Love to Melbourne.

Experimenta is also grateful to the Japan Foundation for its financial support in helping us bring Emergency Exit to Melbourne.

Experimenta Playground: International Biennial of Media Arts 25 August to 23 September the Arts Centre, BlackBox, Melbourne

From 16 July check our website for more information: www.experimenta.org

10 AM | 28 Jun


There’s a lot of anticipation about the new Transformers movie that opens July 4th/07. Personally although I like Michael Bey films; I was slightly disappointed with the Island. Tended to kind of crumble around the sandy beaches and frizzled blondes a bit.

Anyway good ol’ Wired has done a bit of a feature on 25 years of Butt-Kicking Bots, which I think is totally worth checking out and awesome.  Issue 15.07

10 AM | 28 Jun

Put your butt out!

At last the final stages of the Passive Smoking legislation is about to come into effect on Sunday 1st July/07 for Victoria. Under the amended Tobacco Act 1987 (Victoria), smoking will no longer be permitted in any enclosed (or substantially enclosed) licensed premises. ‘Substantially enclosed’ refers to 75% or greater of the total notional wall area.


Let’s see how many pissed punters take exception to this ruling at gigs. I recall Mars Volta specifically asking their ‘fans’ not to smoke to no avail. Anyway, I am welcoming this new law, as someone who used to smoke up to 70 a day I recognise it may be a bit of a challenge, but just think of the enjoyment to be had from being considerate (LOL).

Worth noting you may be able to supress the little guy and his fag, but it’s hard to keep monsters like Philip Morris from not finding inventive ways to keep people addicted. Not only has Philip Morris been tinkering with the idea of flavoured fags that appeal to young people, they also in the past planned to test a microelectronic cigarette holder that eliminates smoke and ashes from end of cigarette; battery-powered ‘smoking system’ is first of its kind and cost $200 million to develop after years of research; device is beeper-sized, four-ounce box containing specially designed cigarette and electronically controlled lighter that runs on rechargeable batteries; tobacco burns only when puffed; critics say device demonstrates lengths to which tobacco industry will…

More puffs…?