07 PM | 05 Jun

Otherfilm Bazaar

Otherfilm Bazaar – avant-garde and experimental DVD’s, handmade film objects.

OtherFilm Bazaar is a brand new Brisbane-based online store specializing in avant-garde and experimental work on many formats (but so far mostly DVD, DVDR, and Viewmaster!)

We are open to all customers 24 hours with paypal and credit card equipped shopping cart (email me if you want to pay by telegram, x-ray, Photosonicneurokineasthography, or cash in the post)

We especially encourage all those connected to academic institutions to make your library’s AV catalogue far more interesting and useful to adventurous students and staff alike by recommending OtherFilm Bazaar stock for acquisition.


Some new arrivals include:

John Cage – ‘One 11′ with ‘103’ (DVD from Mode) – The first commercial release of Cage’s only major film. ‘A film without subject.’ $35AUD

Frank Scheffer and Andrew Culver – From Zero: Four films on JOHN CAGE (DVD from Mode) – Great collection inspired by and featuring Cage himself made by renowned Dutch director Frank Scheffer in collaboration with Cage’s long-time associate Andrew Culver. $35AUD

Skip Blumberg – Nam June Paik: Lessons from the Video Master (DVD from IMP) – 46 short visually stylized interviews with friends, colleagues, collaborators and protégés; including artists Yoko Ono, Merce Cunningham, Carolee Schneeman, Davidson Gigliotti (Videofreex), Beryl Korot, Liz Phillips, Bill Viola, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Blondell Cummings, Kit Fitzgerald, Shigeko Kubota, Yasunao Tone. And many more. $30AUD

Shoot Shoot Shoot: The London Film-Makers Co-op & British Avant-Garde Film of the 1960s & 1970s (DVD from Lux) – Essential overview of one of the most groundbreaking periods in experimental film featuring Malcolm Le Grice, Guy Sherwin, Peter Gidal, Lis Rhodes, Jeff Keen, John Smith , Mike Legget, Stephen Dwoskin and more. First time these films have been available outside of 16mm. $50AUD

07 PM | 05 Jun

Party, Melbourne June 9th

Tenniscoats http://myspace.com/tenniscoats Panel of Judges http://myspace.com/panelofjudges Scissors for Sparrow http://dizzydonor.org/s4s/ + http://myspace.com/scissorsforsparrow ……………………………………………………………… …… $15; Saturday June 9, 2007 – 7pm

(s4s on first, so come early!)

All ages, no alcohol, plenty of bars nearby though ……………………………………………………………… …… Cloud City 23 Prentice St, Brunswick, Melbourne (A warehouse; near Sydney Rd)

10 PM | 04 Jun

Bruce Willis in Second Life

Bruce Willis is a Die Hard Second Life fan

Exclusive footage of a Bruce Willis interview in Second Life is to be released today, June 5, 2007

The Second Life Cable Network (SLCN.TV), the Melbourne-based company that officially covered the media event, says the footage provides an insight into how 20th Century Fox is using Second Life to promote the next Die Hard movie.

Gary Wisniewski, Second Life Cable Network CEO said SLCN made it possible for invited guests, including the executives at Fox, to be able to witness the action as it happened.- SLCN is the HBO and CNN of virtual worlds. SLCN was started in March 2007 and has now established itself as the leading cable channel for Second Life residents.

Die Hard fans who won a competition to attend the exclusive press event were able to ask Willis questions and have him respond immediately. Willis showed a real interest in online communication tools like Second Life.

“I don’t watch the news on TV anymore. I haven’t watched it for years because it’s all sensationalized. I think everything has become entertainment, including the news!” says Willis.

The hour long event was broadcast live to a limited audience on June 1st, 2007, and is now being released to the widest possible audience via You Tube and other video sharing websites.

SLCN.TV has also filmed a special show with a tour around the Die Hard exhibition in Second Life and features interviews with the creators of the virtual island where fans can explore the set and pick up free costumes and gadgets from the film.

Bruce Willis appeared in Second Life as his avatar Bee Dub promoting the upcoming release of the next Die Hard installment on 27 June. The press conference was organized by The Picture Production Company and held at Silverscreen Island in Second Life. The Die Hard expo was built by The V3 Group.

06 AM | 04 Jun

Women & Aids


What:                    INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S SUMMIT:

Women’s Leadership making a Difference on HIV and AIDS

When:                   Nairobi, KENYA – July 4-7, 2007

Organisers:         World YWCA

Media are invited to cover the first ever international conference on women and AIDS, which will takes place in Nairobi, Kenya on July 4-7, 2007. The conference seeks to mobilise urgent responses to rising HIV infection rates among women and girls in every region of the world.  Up to 80% of new infections occur in girls and young women.

Hosted by the World YWCA, the International Women’s Summit on Women’s Leadership and HIV and AIDS, will bring together over 1500 people, ranging from high level policy makers, celebrities and global leaders to community health workers and AIDS activists.  The Summit seeks to address the impact of AIDS on women and girls, exploring issues such as poverty, violence against women, children’s rights and access to decision-making and resources.

This event is organised by the World YWCA, one of the largest women’s organisations in the world, which has made AIDS a global priority for its work with over 25 million women and girls in 125 countries.  The Summit is co-convened with the International Community of Women Living with HIV and AIDS, and has the support of the UNAIDS Global Coalition on Women and AIDS and UNFPA.

Apply for media accreditation today at www.worldywca.org

06 AM | 04 Jun

World Environment Day

To co-incide with World Environment Day on 5th June, Bean Drinking (an environmentally aware coffee retailer in Sydney and winner of the 2007 Village Green Sustainable Cities Environmental Reduction Award) is supporting The Rainforest Alliance by launching a new range of coffee using Rainforest Alliance Certified beans.

Most consumers understand the value of Fairtrade products, but there is actually certified coffee available which offers a more ‘holistic’ approach. Companies, such as coffee drinkers subscription box, are jumping on board, and are selling environmentally friendly and fairtrade coffees.

Coffee certified by The Rainforest Alliance combines good environmental practice, with good social practice and ensures that not only are farmers and their workers looked after, but that environment is preserved and protected too.

Please forward any replies to this email to news@beandrinking.com.au