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Dog eat dog eat dog..

WHAT: Dog eat dog eat dog…

WHEN: Opening Wednesday June 6, 6pm Thur June 7-16 (Thur-Sat 11-5), SYDNEY

WHERE: DON’T LOOK Experimental New Media Gallery 419 New Canterbury Rd (Near Marrickville Rd), Dulwich Hill

WHO: Michael Chahine

CONTACT: Greg Shapley – Ph: 0401 152 434 EMAIL: dontlookgallery@gmail.com WEB: myspace.com/dontlookgallery Dog eat dog eat dog… Michael Chahine

In April 2004 in Lucknow India, a corrupt police commissioner decided to mark his birthday by giving away 5000 free saris. During this magnanimous gesture thousands of impoverished women stampeded – twenty one women were killed and hundreds injured. Installed in the gallery window, ‘Happy Birthday Commissioner’ is both a tribute to the women who died in this publicity stunt gone horribly wrong, and a comment on the cheap regard with which life is often held by figures of authority. A floating, shrouded, glowing figure (perhaps a ghost, Hindu Saint or Mother Mary) is given a starling image in place of a face; a distraught mother is holding her dead baby, crushed in the rush to grab a shred of cloth.

…Travelling into the gallery and through Brazil, ‘Copa Cao Bana’ illustrates a disturbing reality: The pampered pets of the Brazilian bourgeoisie are treated better (much better) than the majority of the country’s population. Prissy middle-class matrons parade their precious canines obscenely in front of the homeless and destitute. Life size cut-outs reconstruct this scene for us. The terriers and poodles are immaculately groomed – many have had their fur dyed accentuating the owners’ beliefs that these toys dogs are more human than the filth that line the streets. To the artist, this conspicuous wealth is the ultimate insult to all who are unable to share in this extremity.

…Beyond Brazil we face China ’87 where Ronald Reagan is playing with balls. In this work we have a real photo of a billboard featuring a painting of Roland Reagan (a strong symbol of anti-communist cold war propaganda) advertising Chinese meditation balls. The surrealism of this bizarre juxtaposition is heightened with the inclusion of a stripped box with a protruding mechanical hand that ‘juggles’ two of these balls (a comment on the short surrealist film by Bunuel and Dali entitled ‘Un Chien Andalou’). This piece highlights the artists fascination with the paradoxical and uncanny.


Michael Chahine is an incessant traveller, documenter, and advocate for the little guy. Chanine has been a figure in the Sydney art scene since the 1980s when he bought a warehouse in Lilyfield and invited a number of prominent and up-and-coming artists to move in. This influential movement became known as the ‘White Street Urban Postmodernists’.

07 PM | 01 Jun

Second Life Cats

Second Life Cats by The LOLO pet shop – announces New Siamese Cat.

Arguably the best cat creators on second life. LOLO cats can walk, jump, sit, stay, meow, come when you call, they follow, & avoid water, just like real cats they hate water! So if you step into water, they won’t follow you in.

Breeds upgraded are the Black Cat, Calico Cat, Ginger Cat, Tabby Cat, White Cat, Siamese Cat, and Black & White Cat. Come out to meet them all. The LOLO is your place for pets and more!

Coordinates: The LOLO, 91,169

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Embracing Sound Project

The ANAT Embracing Sound Project (esp) is intended to research and profile current Australian sound art over a one year period. ANAT will be annoucing more details about this exciting new initiative in the near future.

The Sound Program Manager’s role will be to research and profile current practice in sound art, this would include critical writing, participation and attendance of festivals, liaising between ANAT, funding bodies and the sound community.

You will be able to work independently and form and maintain national networks. Your ability to write successful grant applications and engage with sponsors will allow you to expand and continue the role. The role is open to people from all states and territories of Australia, but being able to readily connect with the sound community in Australia is key to the role’s success.

Please download a job description from: http://www.anat.org.au/vacancies/esp.pdf

More info:

Gavin Artz 08 8231 9766 manager@anat.org.au

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Immersion: Electrical Empathy

NSW – Immersion: Electrical Empathy

Developed over a one-week residency, Immersion brings together eight of Australia’s leading audiovisual artists to explore immersive techniques. Released from corporeal entertainment Immersion: electrical empathy will find a unity between space, sound & images creating a new performative experience that is sumptuous & saturating.

Artists/producers: Samuel James & Gail Priest COLLABORATORS Cicada (Nick Ritar, Kirsten Bradley), Scott Morrison, Peter Newman, Jason Sweeney & Ai Yamamoto

Venue: Performance Space @ CarriageWorks, 245 Wilson Street Eveleigh, Sydney Dates: 15 & 16 June Time: 8 pm RSVP ESSENTIAL Phone: 02 8571 9111 Email: rsvp@performancespace.com.au

07 PM | 01 Jun

Glenn Hayden from Urban Myth

New forum with Glenn Hayden from Urban Myth

Urban Myth Theatre of Youth has a rich history spanning 24 years. Professional artists work with young participants aged between 5-26 to create cutting edge theatre performances, artistic activity and workshops. In August 2004, Glenn Hayden took up the position of Artistic Director with Urban Myth Theatre of Youth. Since joining the company he has directed /My Sister Violet/ at the SPACE Theatre and the outdoor production of Midsummer Night’s Dream to name a few.

Glenn will talk about Youth Theatre in Adelaide and all theatre writers are welcome to attend.

Date: 13 June, 2007 Time: 6.30pm – 8 pm Venue: The SA Writers’ Centre (2nd Floor, 187 Rundle Street) Cost: Gold Coin Donation Bookings or enquiries: (08) 8232 6852 Email: sa@awg.com.au