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  • Intuition and Ingenuity – a show of artwork celebrating the life of Alan Turing. #UK #enigma #geekgirl


    Exhibition Dates: 17 – 26 February, 11am – 6pm 
    Venue: Lighthouse, 28 Kensington Street, Brighton, BN1 4AJ 

    Intuition and Ingenuity is a group exhibition that explores the enduring influence of Alan Turing, the father of modern computing. The show is currently touring the UK, and comes to Lighthouse for Brighton Science Festival, following rave reviews from exhibiting at Kinetica Art Fair in London.

    2012 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing, one of the greatest minds Britain has produced. Between inventing the digital computer and helping to decode the German Enigma machine, to founding the science of artificial intelligence, the world today would have been a very different place without his ideas.

    This exhibition, which takes its name from Turing’s own writing, brings together a number of important artists, from digital art pioneers to emerging contemporary artists.

    21 February, 7pm

    Complementing the exhibition are talks led by artists, boredomresearch and Alex May, and co-curator of the exhibition Anna Dumitriu on 21 February.

    Intuition and Ingenuity is touring the UK during Alan Turing Year, showing at Lighthouse during Brighton Science Festival, plus many other venues around the country. It is curated by Sue Gollifer, Nick Lambert and Anna Dumitriu.

  • Turing Centenary 2012: Invitation to New Media Artists Call for Expressions #code #geekgirl

    Due 29 July 2011

    2012 is the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing, the renowned mathematician, code-breaker and computer pioneer. This will be marked by an extensive series of events, which is being coordinated by the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee. As Turing worked at the University of Manchester for the last six years of his life, Manchester is one of the two main centres of this events programme – the other being London, where he was born.

    The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) plans to celebrate the Turing centenary throughout 2012. As Turing was a great innovator, MOSI is keen for its events to feature innovative creative works inspired by Turing and utilising the digital media made possible by the achievements of the early computer pioneers. MOSI invites written expressions of interest in this project which should include a description of the nature of the proposed work, how it links to Turing and the likely hardware requirement.

    Contact Pauline Webb
    Collections Manager MOSI