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  • Transreal Topologies [#geekgirl]


    Transreal Topologies will be held in conjunction with The International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality. The exhibition explores the field of mixed and augmented reality art (MARart), presenting a range of artists that are contributing to the development of a unique language for MARart as both a medium and area of inquiry. The exhibition focuses on modes of representation that deal with the augmentation of data beyond traditional surfaces in order to merge virtual and real…

    It is my pleasure to introduce these works within this new context of mixed reality, augmentation based arts practice. Transreal Topologies is part of a Mixed and Augmented Reality Art Organisation ( scoping study initiative that launched at ISEA2013. The Mixed and Augmented Reality Arts Research Organisation ( seeks to develop new dialogues in regards to high-end research methodologies, cultural inquiry and representation in the increasingly immersive and pervasive field of mixed and augmented reality art.

    This initiative aims to scope the field of MARart, through the presentation and analysis of particular research outcomes, in order to develop criteria that canvasses MARart’s production and position within the media arts. The research endeavours to develop strategies for hybridized research practice, in a number of open platforms that will scope current trends and exemplary models from a variety of approaches. Artistic practices in MARart will be presented and discussed in order to locate new research paradigms that address issues including cultural absorption, post-biological identity, social codes and systems, mobile computing, commercialization and intellectual property, with particular regard to the media art field.

    This exhibition, artist talk and transdisciplinary panel that constitutes the program aims to set a precedent for future showcases of media artworks that expand current, generic notions of MARart in meaningful ways.”

    - Julian Stadon BA, M.E.A (Australia/Austria)Curator/Organiser/MARart Director

  • Announcing “#PRISOM”, A Synthetic Reality Surveillance Game [#geekgirl]

    #PRISOM,  A Synthetic Reality Surveillance Game

    #PRISOM, A Synthetic Reality Surveillance Game

    So we (meaning Mez Breeze Design) can finally let the (Schrödinger’s?) cat out of the very tightly zipped bag: we’re *extremely* excited to officially announce our latest co-production with Dreaming Methods: “#PRISOM“. #PRISOM is a Synthetic Reality Game where a player is set loose in a Glass City under infinite surveillance. Will you be brave enough to enter?

    The project is making its début at (and is funded by) the “MARart4 Transreal Topologies Exhibition” as part of #ISMAR2013, the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality in conjunction with SA Uni’s Wearable Computer Lab. So if you’re keen to don a HMD (Head-Mounted Display) and throw yourself into #PRISOM, head to the Adelaide City East Campus of the University of South Australia on October 1-4th.

  • #DARPA Robotics Challenge: 1st Phase [#geekgirl]

    DARPA Bots

    [As reported by] “Remember that big DARPA Robotics Challenge for humanoid robots that we posted about in October 2012? The first phase, known as the Virtual Robotics Challenge, is now complete. Tim Smith over at the Open Source Robotics Foundation has got a new post up about the results. The quick version is that 26 teams from 8 countries qualified for the VRC and based on the result, DARPA has selected a total of 9 teams to move on to the the next phase which will involve physical robots.”

  • Warrior Web Demonstration [#geekgirl]

    A Soldier carries a 61-pound load while walking in a prototype DARPA Warrior Web system during an independent evaluation by the U.S. Army. Full story at

  • #Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition [#geekgirl]

    “My three year old daughter and I play a lot of old games together. Her favorite is Donkey Kong. Two days ago, she asked me if she could play as the girl and save Mario. She’s played as Princess Toadstool in Super Mario Bros. 2 and naturally just assumed she could do the same in Donkey Kong. I told her we couldn’t in that particular Mario game, she seemed really bummed out by that. So what else am I supposed to do? Now I’m up at midnight hacking the ROM, replacing Mario with Pauline. I’m using the 2010 NES Donkey Kong ROM. I’ve redrawn Mario’s frames and I swapped the palettes in the ROM. I replaced the M at the top with a P for Pauline…”

  • Beautiful as the Chance Meeting on a Dissecting-Table of a #NIN track and Carly Rae Jepson Song [#geekgirl]



    Priceless. Just listen.

  • Will #3D Printing Change the World? [#PBS] [#geekgirl]

  • “When one if prepared, difficulties do not come.” [#Solution] [#geekgirl]

    So all this video shows is two guys simply fixing a tyre puncture – not very technical [or geeky], right? Well, I’d counter that the innovation and curiosity required to arrive at such a practical, functional solution is one that is sadly being undervalued in top heavy capital driven societies, with one of the problems facing us lucky-but-perpetually-indulgent 1st world citizens being a lack of established emphasis on grassroots know-how.

    Just think about how many of us allow ourselves to dwell daily in institutionalised RedTapesVille that we lose valuable hand-me-down and/or tinkering based skills [like fixing a bike tire with practically nothing].  It seems the more consumer drivel [or moolah mounds] we have, the less we care about the mechanics of tools or the processes involved in actually fixing – rather than discarding – stuff, not to mention the ways we can reuse other items/components in unconventional ways.

    The more time poor yet financially rich we become [thanks, overtly-long-commuting-times or endless-wastage-of-cognitive-potential-due-to-daily-puff-meetings-where-half-the-time-is-caught-up-"discussing"-hollow-strategies-or-procedural-pap], the more we lose touch with innovative hands on [and small scale] solutions. Let’s instead try to find gorgeously simply fixes rather than simply perpetuating the ugly cycle of overconsumption [throw-away + buy-again] culture, yes?

  • Prepare Yourselves… #GuestEditorInDaHouse #GeekGirl #YesIAmTotallyUnshiny

    Prepare Yourself For The Content Curation OnslaughtSo here we are, again: you, me and a image that references a slightly outdated [but still highly heh-worthy] meme.  And for those of you asking “Um, what? Who the feck are you and how come you’re net-jacking our beloved geekgirl stream?!” then settle down, take a chill-pill [you should be thankful that I didn't actually type "chillax" instead] + let the lovely staccato tones of my soothing net presence guide you down a slightly stained and always left-of-centre comprehension path.

    Back in 2009 our illustrious Editor-in-Chief [Mz @rosiex herself] allowed me to splather your feeds with all things quirky, glitchy and weirdo-beardo-y *ahem*. And now she’s decided to let me at it [ie you] again, only this time I’m coming out from behind my Wizard-of-Oz-ish admin invisibility cloak and have decided to inject several of my net-personas into the mix.

    Most of the time I’ll stay outta the way of the wondrous posted content that will shine brighter than any JJ Abrams lens-flare, but sometimes you’ll find “Mez Breeze” raising her artistically-inclined head [watch for the e-lit stuff and more serious social commentary blurbs].  Other times you’ll be graced with Netwurker’s “And not a single f*ck was given that day” presence [with lots of square-brackets, "+"s, warped punctuation and other creatively twisted greeble].

    So let’s get down to tin-tacks and do this sheete, shall we?


  • Mythical Creatures

    Mythical Creatures

    Mythical Creatures

    Find an annotated version here.