11 AM | 26 Aug

The Anti-Facebook [#geekgirl]

[From this article at The Verge] “Founded in 2010 and based in San Francisco, Nextdoor is a odd outlier among today’s social networks. Signing up is an onerous process, requiring substantial proof of both your identification and address. People post messages, but they are seen only by others in the immediate area, and there is no share or retweet button to proliferate messages across the network. It feels more like a modern update on a message board or web forum than a social network. But it has struck a chord across the country. When The Verge first reported on Nextdoor back in July of 2012, it was in 3,500 neighborhoods. Today, the company is announcing that its reached 40,000 neighborhoods, or roughly one in four American communities, with 10 or more active users.”

11 AM | 10 Mar

“Samsung ‘Galaxy Glass’ wants to turn your hands into an augmented reality keyboard” [#geekgirl]

[Image Credit: Pocket Lint]

[Image Credit: Pocket Lint]

[From a Pocket-Lint article] “Samsung appears to be working on an augmented reality keyboard that virtually projects letters on to a user’s fingers for typing. This not only reveals a new input method but also adds weight to the rumour Sammy is working on a set of “Galaxy Glass” smart glasses.

The augmented reality finger keyboard appeared in a patent filed by Samsung last August at the World Intellectual Property Organisation which has just been made public.”

08 AM | 06 Jan

“PyLady” Grants Available for PyCon 2014 [#geekgirl]

[From Sebastian Porst] “Over the last couple of days, I have worked with PyLadies and the Python Software Foundation to make a special grant available to give a PyLady from a developing country a fully paid trip to PyCon 2014 in Montreal, Canada. To learn more about this, see if you qualify, and what the application deadline is, please see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FL1yeWHzKclKQpALodeaqkbtTnwDd3BEEp4LnoXJ70s/edit#“.