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  • Information and Emergency Resources For #BostonMarathon [#geekgirl]

    As the horrifically tragic events are unfolding in Boston, for those who need immediate resources to find loved ones or to ensure their safety, here’s a brief list:

    1. Google has set up a “Person Finder” resource similar to one used for the 2010 Haitian Earthquake Disaster.
    2. Reddit user _supernovasky_ is compiling live and as-accurate-as-can-be information here.
    3. For Boston locals, News has updates via its Twitter feed.

    Stay safe, friends.

    [UPDATE: The above reddit link is now read-only. Please go here for a more updated version.]

    [UPDATE 2: I've pulled the Google docs Resources and Accommodation link due to concerns regarding phishing dangers. There's been talk about the relevant Google docs being now cleared for official use by Google: for now, visit the Reddit link above and you can access the document from there. There's also many good-hearted Boston based Redditors offering free transport, food and other resources through the updated link.]