03 AM | 28 May

Panoramic art prize

*Horse Bazaar has just received sponsorship from MONA for the 2007 panoramic art prize updating the posting from last week the prize money is now $5000*

$5000 MONA Prize *

*MONA (mona.net.au) is offering world’s richest prize for the production of panoramic content.*

The Mona Prize for panoramic content is an open digital art prize for the production of screen-based content that best uses Horse Bazaar’s unique panoramic projection system. The screens are custom-built for the environment and extend for nearly 20 metres around the bar. Casting aside the traditional 4:3 screen format, visual artists are asked to produce digital content at an 8:1 ratio. The Mona Prize aims to cultivate the appreciation and production of panoramic virtual décor. This is an acquisitional competition; winning pieces will become a part of the MONA art collection.**

*Entries Close Friday 13th July 2007 **For more information visit horsebazaar.com.au/monaprize

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