02 AM | 28 May

Write Now (For Prizes)

We thought you’d all be interested to know that Tourism Victoria is launching a user-generated forum in June. It’s called ‘The Red Thread’ and it basically exists so that people can share their Melbourne experiences with others. They’re running a simple competition to get some creative content online. This involves inviting people to submit a snapshot of their Melbourne experience and they are offering a $2,000 prize for best video, $2,000 for best photo and $2,000 for BEST TEXT. Keep in mind that the forums are egalitarian and the winner will be chosen because their submission is interesting and creative rather than an uber-professional work of art. We thought we’d let everyone know about this because we know that you are all creative and have more likely than not already been to Melbourne (or even live here, or are making your Melbourne debut at the festival this weekend). The odds are you already have something you can enter sitting on your computer or in your head. The entry and upload process is so easy that a monkey at the Melbourne zoo has already uploaded a video of himself with a peanut that looks like Federation Square. Submit to http://www.visitvictoria.com/redthread Entries close June 7, 2007


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