08 AM | 07 Jul

A message from BUSAAAT

If you’d like to help me cultivate an inflated sense of self-worth, then please ckick on the link below and look for the film “Plastic Bag” (I am BUSAAAT – my profile pic is a black square with a white dot – an attempt to appear as if like I take myself seriously). From there you can either watch my little film, or go back about your business in the knowledge that you have contributed to a non-cause.

The site is an Italian MTV affiliate. My well-considered empirical research suggests that there’s a snowball effect with the popularity of video on the site. So I’m sending the link out to you lot to help bump my numbers up a little, and seed my snowball.

I really like some of the work they publish, and so I’d like to make use of my time on the front page. Here’s the link:


It might have been shunted to the second page by the time you read this.

Here’s a fantastic film they published:


Thanks, John.

ps. if all else fails, here’s a direct link (I’m just not sure if going directly there will add to the number of views – most probably would):


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