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Envy Tour Oz

For the past twelve years, Japanese band Envy have become one of the dominate forces in the independent hardcore scene in their home land. They create an incredibly intense fusion of emotive ballads with ferocious teeth gritting screaming hardcore.

Envy are due to head to Australia to play a series of gigs in July.

Combining speedy guitars, loud pounding bombastic drums, heavy Japanese screams, and pummeling fretless bass lines, their sound is a frantic and haphazard style of hardcore. However their songs are far from sloppy, and always have a lot going on, creating a layered effect.

The band also knows when to reel in the aggression, often segueing into a delicate section, giving their listener a break and nicely offsetting and defining the power of their volume.

Envy are Tetsuya Fukagawa (vocals/keyboards/sequencer), Nobukata Kawai (guitar), Masahiro Tobita (guitar), Manabu Nakagawa (bass) and Dairoku Seki (drums).

Envy have released several albums over the years, to great acclaim, and have consistently toured the world, including being invited to play at the All Tomorrow’s Festival in the UK, and Fuji Rock in Japan.

Envy will be taking to the stage at the following venues 😐 Wed July 18th @ The Arthouse, Melbourne. Thurs July 19th @ Green Room, Canberra. Fri July 20th @ Spectrum, Sydney. Sat Jul 21st @ Club Phoenix, Brisbane.

‘An amazing live band with qualities of both a raging tornado and the calmness after a storm’ Stuart from Mogwai

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