04 PM | 18 Feb

Troy Innocent’s – Colony – another multiplayer performance

You are invited to participate in a multiplayer performance within Colony, an interactive urban art environment.

Bring your iPhone, borrow a friends or steal one and download the free Colony app from the App Store. Up to thirty people may simultaneously play the urban art environment and feed energy the media creatures that inhabit it. Each of the totems in the networked sculpture may be played like a musical instrument responding to touch with light and sound.

This event was originally planned for December (08) but was scaled back because of heavy rainfall. We had a small group play with umbrellas – we are hoping for a clear night this time!

about the work ::: Colony Troy Innocent 2008 weathering steel, acrylic, computer-controlled light, 12-channel sound, interactive installation, iPhone web app Colony is part artificial lifeform, part icon of a digital media landscape. The weathered totems use light and sound to communicate with one another in response to human presence. Affect the colour and sound patterns of the artwork by walking through the environment or playing the totems with your iPhone.

about the event ::: A demonstration and workshop on how to play shall take place from 8pm onwards.

At dusk we will commence the performance. Pick a totem and begin to play! Rules of play announced on the night.

Register for the event via colony@iconica.org by sending your name and email address. You need to bring an iPhone or iPod touch loaded with the Colony app to participate. People without iPhones are welcome too join in, as the artwork responds to your presence as you walk along the forested path.

Time and Place Date: Thursday, February 26, 2009 Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm Location: Colony at Life.Lab, Digital Harbour Street: Corner of La Trobe Street and Harbour Esplanade, Docklands South Melbourne, Australia   More information and how-to-play at iconica.org/colony/

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