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Going Viral the #History of #Disease in #Melbourne [#geekgirl]


From the dreaded black plague to flu epidemics of the 21st century, Melbourne continues to encounter the spread of disease across the globe. This illuminating exhibition shows the ways disease visits the people and places in Melbourne’s past, present and future.

Like visitors, diseases come and go, while some stay and live among us. Whether having arrived by 19th-century sailing clipper or a contemporary A380 aircraft, diseases that visit Melbourne always cause fear and can impact with devastating consequences.

A selection of diseases is featured as totemic personalities, presented as translucent cylinders hung from above and lit from within. These unsettling totems also serve as beacons, illuminating the places and people encountering disease.

With a growing urban population, protection from mass infections cannot be taken for granted.

Despite its First World medical facilities and most liveable status, can Melbourne’s diseased past be a guide to the city’s future?


City Gallery Ground 110 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Enter via Halftix

Dates and times

19/02/2016 to 19/04/2016

Mon: 10am – 2pmTue: 11am – 6pmWed: 11am – 6pmThu: 11am – 6pmFri: 11am – 6pmSat: 10am – 4pm


This is a free event



Source: City of Melbourne

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