01 PM | 17 Jul

#Chinese bathers flock to the #beach in Face-Kini #masks [#geekgirl]


Holidaymakers in China’s Shandong province have found an alternative to the classic combination of sunscreen and hat.

Opting out of tanning, fair-skinned men, women and children visiting the sandy beaches of Qingdao have been sporting Face-Kinis. The brightly coloured protective item is similar to a balaclava and appears to be sewn out of waterproof fabrics.

This facemask and swim hat hybrid may seem like a drastic measure to cut down on UV exposure, but it is a popular accessory on these shores. And, it been that way for years.

Source: DailyMail.UK

Editor’s note: Reminded me so much of the look once embraced by Pussy Riot, I had to revisit what they were doing. No more masks for these Russian warriors, but they haven’t lost their commitment to stick it to the Kremlin. Watch the video ‘prison is a weapon’

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