06 PM | 10 Apr

This gurl is #flying to Syberia in a #microlight #helphergetthere #wingthreads #birdlife [#geekgirl]

Her name is Amellia Formby, but everyone calls her Milly. She is a qualified zoologist and artist (www.millyformby.com) and currently lives in Perth, working full-time as a technician in the School of Animal Biology at The University of Western Australia (UWA). In her spare time she volunteers for Shorebirds 2020 WA Coordinator for BirdLife Australia.

Last year she began learning to fly a microlight aircraft to fly from Australia to Siberia following the migration path of the Red-necked Stint to promote urgent action for shorebirds – a group of mostly wetland-dwelling birds that perform the longest feats of migration known to the natural world.

Help fund her folks!

Source: Chuffed 

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